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10/19/20 3:35 PM
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UGer and the pioneer of MMA art Evan Shoman was in an accident and is in the hospital with three broken ribs and a punctured lung. Check out WWW.SHOMANART.COM to see what he does. He has been accused time and time again of tracing, but I've met him and he has a callus, like a Kyokushin karate guy's knuckle, on one finger. Other UGers have seen his entire process.

Please look at his work of real MMA legends GSP, Anderson Silva, Fedor, or any new stars. He also does multiple other sports and interests. 

If you can buy something, I know that will help. 

h/t Gabriel Ruediger

10/19/20 3:39 PM
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Talented man. Get well soon Evan!

10/19/20 3:44 PM
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Shaman Feel Better

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At least I don’t have Covid. Here’s your update of how I’m doing. Sorry I’m not returning messages or calls but I just don’t have the time or patience right now to do so?

Posted by
Evan Shoman on Monday, October 19, 2020

10/19/20 4:59 PM
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Get well soon.

10/19/20 5:11 PM
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I remember him, get better soon!
10/19/20 5:11 PM
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He does not trace. The man's got either talent or skill in heaps.

Best wishes for a full recovery.

Happy to help raise some funds if needed. Just say the word.

10/19/20 6:21 PM
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I used to love the Tapout Radio Show with Shoman and Crooklyn.  Those interviews were gold.  

10/19/20 6:38 PM
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Damn sorry too hear and the man is talented as fuck, an OG here.

10/19/20 7:17 PM
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knockoutfighter - 

I used to love the Tapout Radio Show with Shoman and Crooklyn.  Those interviews were gold.  

A slight improvement from Cageside Live.

10/19/20 7:22 PM
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Oh dayum, I almost forgot about that guy. Get well soon man

10/19/20 8:21 PM
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Get well soon bro

10/19/20 10:26 PM
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Get well soon!

10/19/20 11:22 PM
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Get well soon brother.

Ribs are no joke!

10/20/20 12:47 AM
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love your art, wish you all the best
10/20/20 1:05 AM
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Shit, I always dig his styIe, I have a couple of his pieces, speedy recovery for one of the true OGs.  

10/20/20 1:18 AM
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Wishing him a speedy recovery!

10/20/20 1:22 AM
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Get Well soon.

10/20/20 3:35 AM
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best wishes for a speedy recovery!

10/20/20 4:22 AM
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I have a Fedor poster he did that I have yet to hang up.  I'm moving in 2 months, I think I'll finally put it up.  Hope Evan recovers!