UnderGround Forums Faces of Tony (Last 7 opponents)

6/11/19 12:13 PM
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Dang, didnt realize he put some serious damage on all of those guys.  And those guys are not cans

6/11/19 10:11 PM
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Tonys great!

6/11/19 10:16 PM
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When he fights Khabib, he’s gonna have to do damage off his back with elbows because he will get taken down ... repeatedly. 

6/12/19 8:42 AM
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Can he get his fucking title shot already? Jesus christ this is a joke, he's clearly the next in line and its not like he's been in a boring fight in forever

6/12/19 11:42 AM
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I still think Groovy gave Tony his toughest match so far..What a fucking beast is Ferguson.

6/12/19 1:30 PM
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Cowboy & Lee where his biggest wins top 10 against fighters on a win streek. The rest where alternating from wins to losses.


Tony has faced anyone & everyone put in front of him. I hope he gets to fight Khabib. Both fighters have the stylistic ability to beat one another