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12/3/19 8:32 AM
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I'm sure someone out there has kept the best ie: the worst promos Tony has ever cut on video and during phone interviews. I'm sure a "best of" is on youtube.

From what I've heard over the years its an extensive collection. Here is more...


"I'm in this dude's head," Ferguson said. "He's looking at me. He's going to train so hard. He's going to be so nervous he's going to make a mistake. I'm going to capitalize on that. I'm going to catch him during the scrambles. Scrambled eggs, baby. I'm going to make him piss blood. I owe him two to the chops, and he owes me 20 push-ups. This guy's got an issue, and his name is Tony Ferguson. And I'm coming after him. It's hunting season, baby."

"Khabib thinks he is an Eagle, jumped off the cage, well he will jump again when he feels the fire, that fire inside me and the fire I breath on him because I'm a dragon, the El Cucuy dragon. Dragons drink blood and on April 18th I'm gonna drink the blood he is pissing when I make him do push-ups. He will be doing laps, trying to run from El Cucuy because hes tired but I'm a three sport athlete, breathing fire for five rounds. Lets go!"

12/3/19 8:37 AM
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Ok, the second quote posted is not Tony's and I just made it up as satire but don't pretend it could not have just as easily been something Tony would say in an interview with the media.
12/3/19 8:40 AM
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12/3/19 9:00 AM
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the lightweight Datsik of UFC

12/3/19 11:00 AM
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Ferguson is completely crazy. Off the rails crazy.


Jesus he is a fun fighter though. And if you catch him at the right time, his interviews are spectacular on their own.

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this is the level of promo Tito's been trying to achieve for over 20 years

12/3/19 1:12 PM
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I fucking love it 

12/3/19 2:43 PM
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Craziness is actually  in many ways a strategic survival mechanism.

12/3/19 7:30 PM
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I'm gonna drink the blood he is pissing


try not to picture that

12/3/19 7:39 PM
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Second paragraph is gold. Wish it was real.