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8/12/14 7:09 PM
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Or really anyone that followed along.

Last Saturday at Metamoris was a very proud moment for me for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, I am so proud in being able to win the Heavyweight title in the name of all my coaches and for all of Catch Wrestling. I chose to walk out there in the classic attire of the old school pro wrestlers from which I trace my lineage to respect and honor those whom I dedicate this match: the late Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch.

The plain black trunks I wore, the robe, and the black boots are in homage to another one of my mentors: Antonio Inoki. Even the towel I had (Which had Inoki's poem "The Road" on it in Kanji) is in respect to Inoki-san.

I couldn't have performed to the best of my abilities without the help of my coach Erik Paulson and the grueling practices and coaching from Jacob Harmon; My training partners (Especially Erik Hammer and Babalu) who pushed me throughout camp and made me fight every day; and Dan Panosian for being willing to get up early and lift me all those days.

Dean Lister is a man I was proud to get the chance to just wrestle with let alone claim a victory over. He is a great wrestler and great guy. I have known and respected Dean for many years and with as much admiration as I have for him, it was a necessity that I got out there and wrestled him at some point in my life. He made me work for anything I got and was always working to set me up for something on the mat out there. I had to wrestle smart and at my best to not end up tapping the mat against such a dangerous grappler.

Lastly, thank you for the persistence and desire to have me wrestle on your show Ralek. Thank you to Metamoris all the people who worked the show. Thank you to James Law and Scott Hirano for their amazing photos. And thank you to all came to support, watched, and cheered us on out there. It makes us as wrestlers happy to leave all out on the mat for you all.



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Good job Josh. Metamoris was awesome from top to bottom. Im ready to see who they will pair you up against next.
8/12/14 7:12 PM
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Thanks for posting.
8/12/14 7:12 PM
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You're an inspiration dude! So great to see you perform so well, especially against a guy like lister Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:12 PM
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Well done Josh! You made your fans, your peers and your idols very proud! Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:12 PM
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Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:13 PM
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Big fan Josh always look forward to your fights
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You the man Josh, I jumped around my house yelling when you did it.


You deserve the moment, please challenge Werdum!

8/12/14 7:13 PM
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Fuck yes. Thank YOU Josh Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:13 PM
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8/12/14 7:13 PM
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You're a BEAST! Congratulations sir!!! Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:13 PM
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Warmaster is a fucking animal.. job well done Josh.. CONGRATS!
8/12/14 7:14 PM
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Did you think Ralek was a little disrepectful to you in the interview? Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:14 PM
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Catch!!!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:14 PM
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Congrats Warmaster \m/ Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:14 PM
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Great job josh !
Great attire Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:14 PM
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Congrats baby faced assassin!

I mean war master! Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:15 PM
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In!! Congrats and welcome back to the UG
8/12/14 7:15 PM
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Penguin of Death - Did you think Ralek was a little disrepectful to you in the interview? Phone Post 3.0

No. I never took it that way. I think he has a very particular personality that may throw some folks off but he and I have been cool for years.



8/12/14 7:16 PM
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8/12/14 7:16 PM
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that was great.

8/12/14 7:16 PM
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Congrats, Josh! Great Victory!


8/12/14 7:17 PM
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Congratulations!! You're a god damn hero! Phone Post 3.0
8/12/14 7:17 PM
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You made your fans very happy!!!

Congrats on the great win!
8/12/14 7:17 PM
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Great match, congrats Josh Phone Post 3.0