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Love this fight

10 days ago
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Great fight. If they rematch I have MVP 

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Thanks. Love watching this for obvious reasons :)

9 days ago
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dinkledorf -

Great fight. If they rematch I have MVP 

Lima tears his leg apart and catches him coming in again by round 3

9 days ago
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That was a perfect sweep, unreal timing and accuracy.


I still also have MVP in the rematch.  The guy is super under rated around here.  It isn't his fault dudes back out of fighting him left and right.


Pretty sure he has the record with the number of guys who took a fight with him then backed out at around 6 or some shit.


8 days ago
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dinkledorf - 

Great fight. If they rematch I have MVP 

So do I..mvp was doing very well vs Lima until he got caught..Lima was nowhere close to landing any strikes on the feet and he was totally shut down offensively on the ground too..plus, MVP had Lima hurt

So in a rematch you can bet mvp will be even tighter and he will eventually hurt Lima or at least get the decision win

MVP is insanely underrated on here..guys like Daley abd Lima really were really stymied by MVPs style..plus, from what we've seen, MVP is very good defensively on the ground..he can be taken down but I've yet to see Any fighter put him in ANY danger there..