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Elias Cepeda has served as a writer and editor covering mixed martial arts and combat sports, as well as public and cultural affairs, since 2005. He began as a staff writer for InsideFighting, and not long thereafter became publisher and editor of the page. Cepeda then went to write for Yahoo! Sports’ boxing and MMA pages, and edited their Cagewriter blog. He was hired away by FOX Sports, but after several years departed over philosophical differences with the executive leadership around important issues of journalism ethics. A student of and sometime competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA since 1999, Elias brings a unique and vibrant presence to reporting, and enjoys trying to highlight shared humanity and connect common experiences from seemingly different worlds.

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6/24/19 11:56 AM
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Dan very well might be the highest caliber athlete I’ve ever competed with under any rules. So strong, great base, legit black belt finishing skills on the ground. He’s been doing the black belt submission grappling scene for awhile now, I got caught in the midst of that, and now he’s back to fighting as well and just got another win. Most important, he’s a real class act. Super good dude.

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