UnderGround Forums Greatest fighter that you don't like watching?

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For me it's Jose Aldo. 

Aldo was a great long reigning champion in a competitive division and has a couple highlight reel wins to his name. But his fights by and large were usually not that interesting to me. His gameplan was very much doing just enough to win rounds convincingly. If his opponent landed 10 strikes, he'd land 11. If the opponent landed 25, he'd land 26. He would match whatever pace his opponent wanted to set and it felt like he was always holding back, like he wasn't looking to overwhelm anyone or really impose his will. He'd give a little better than he got, and as long as he had that little 1-up he wouldn't go out of his way to turn it up an extra notch. It lead to a lot of little-action rounds. I never go out of my way to turn on an Aldo fight in my free time. 

Anyone else have an undisputedly all time great type fighter that just does nothing for them?

9/18/20 2:45 AM
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Not as flashy as he once was.

Dirty fighter with the eye pokes, PEDs, ect.

9/18/20 2:45 AM
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Usmans a great fighter but I find him boring as hell to watch

9/18/20 4:16 AM
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Adesanya. Literally can’t stand that clown. Looking forward to the ass raping by Costa.
9/18/20 6:41 AM
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Cruz, great fighter, but most of his old fights just weren't that fun to watch to me.

9/18/20 8:03 AM
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GSP. Fuck GSP 

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I think it has to be Usman. A legit champion whose fights bore me with the exception of one all-time great title fight.

9/18/20 10:15 AM
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Liner81 -

Cruz, great fighter, but most of his old fights just weren't that fun to watch to me.

i agree, i dont like watching Cruz fight. As well as Usman

9/18/20 10:45 AM
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Jake Shields had a genuinely great career and was tough to watch.

9/18/20 11:14 AM
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None. I’m not a faggot. Great fighters are great. 

9/18/20 11:54 AM
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GSP...WEC Aldo was exciting to watch and after he lost the belt 

9/18/20 1:25 PM
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All good replies here. I agree with all of you,  don't care for Aldo or Usman 

9/18/20 1:43 PM
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Jones (last 3-4 fights anyway)
Aldo (after WEC)
Izzy (thinks he's better than he is)
9/18/20 1:48 PM
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GSP sandbagged and dryhumped his way to so many UD wins, ending may a PPV with me struggling to stay awake and interested.

I did enjoy his last fight vs Bisping tho, and would like to see him fight Khabob.
9/18/20 1:51 PM
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Used to be Jones, now Adesanya. 

9/18/20 3:03 PM
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Khabib. I started watching him on under cards building a name for himself and got what he does. I know exactly what all his fights will look like I get it. He does what he does perfectly for 155 and it works! 

9/18/20 5:08 PM
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Probably Chuck Lidell or some other 1 punch slugger.

Not that they arent skilled, but they beat a lot of guys with more skills simply with physical gifts.

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Misaki - Jones.

Not as flashy as he once was.

Dirty fighter with the eye pokes, PEDs, ect.


This.  Most of his recent fights leave me utterly disappointed and wishing the old Jon would return 

9/18/20 6:35 PM
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Usman couldn't be more boring

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Has to be GSP for me in terms of all time. A ridiculously well rounded fighter who was difficult to watch. Others were worse like Fitch for example but GSP in terms of Ability being inversely proportional to entertainment is off the charts. 



This latest incarnation of Jones also is becoming ridiculous to watch having been one of the most exciting guys previously. This guy can practically destroy any fighter at any weight that's ever competed in any fight sport yet has become incredibly boring to watch. 


Nobody who finished fights regularly should remotely come close to such a description but everyone has an opinion I guess 

9/18/20 6:45 PM
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triforce -

Usman couldn't be more boring

Woodley is worse Imo

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Many people saying usman and i couldn’t agree more about him being boring, but thread title says ‘greatest’. He’s top of the weakest WW division we’ve seen in a long time. This might be sitting on the fence a little but I enjoy watching all the greats 

9/19/20 1:39 PM
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wiggum -

Jake Shields had a genuinely great career and was tough to watch.

Came here to say Jake as well.

John Fitch is another good pick.


9/19/20 4:07 PM
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