UnderGround Forums Hall vs Penn at UFC 232

9/13/18 5:46 AM
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According to Hall's instagram, it's on.


9/13/18 5:52 AM
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Yep; broke yesterday, I believe.


Gutted. I'm not sure I want to watch this - how does everyone else feel?


I can't imagine how difficult it must be to retire from fighting - why can't he commentate? He was hilarious on that series of the ultimate fighter during the trials.


BJ Penn will always be one of my favourites - and I'd argue one of the greatest to fight in combat sports (under any banner). But, this must stop.



9/13/18 5:52 AM
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This is a fight I never knew I wanted to see until now.

9/13/18 5:53 AM
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No, just no. For fuck's sake.
9/13/18 6:04 AM
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Penn can KO him for sure. On the ground it would be a good match up.

9/13/18 6:04 AM
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Im scared

9/13/18 6:18 AM
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WTF is this Hall guy? At first I thought it was Uriah, but then I clicked the Instagram link. 

WAR Penn

9/13/18 7:23 AM
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Thuglife13 -

BJ Penn is the GOAT and I ride to thee death with him!

War Teh Prodigy!

Fuck yeh! I ride with you

9/13/18 8:01 AM
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No idea about how Penn’s bjj is, i imagine its still high level. This could be better match for BJ then his previous few.


Assuming he can get pass Hall’s hook kick, maynard couldn’t

9/13/18 8:05 AM
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Hall gonna submit BJ in under 2 rounds

9/13/18 8:06 AM
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good to see u posting Paul
9/13/18 8:14 AM
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Sorry hombres, but BJ should stay retired... Enough with these retired fighters coming in and getting whooped.

9/13/18 9:05 AM
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I can't wait to see Hall outstrike him and then submit him. Lol Penn is garbage.

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9/13/18 9:21 AM
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Winston Wolf - good to see u posting Paul

Thanks. Still alive and checking the underground every day.  The glory days of Japan MMA are behind us, but I do enjoy a live RIZIN event. 

9/13/18 9:24 AM
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AnthonyWeiner - No, just no. For fuck's sake.

Drama queen.

9/13/18 9:24 AM
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I'd much rather see a grappling match between these two.

I'm concerned that we'll see 3 rounds of tepid striking.
9/13/18 9:53 AM
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There are no favorable match ups for BJ at this point.  He's going to get whooped. 

9/13/18 10:21 AM
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Thuglife13 - 

BJ Penn is the GOAT and I ride to thee death with him!

War Teh Prodigy!


BJ is the GOAT, but I don't wanna see him get bashed on by another dude who he would have annihilated while in his prime.

Time for the Champ to hang em up.
9/13/18 10:34 AM
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This is a great fight. I am excited to see what happens and could not pick it, I'm interested to see what the odds makers think.

Fuck I hope Hall keeps fighting if he wins, the BJJ community needs him.

9/13/18 12:22 PM
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I think this can be a good fight.

i like Hall, but it’s not like he is Yair.

A motivated bj is worthy of a hall pass.


9/13/18 1:37 PM
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Lights Out Lurker -

I can't wait to see Hall outstrike him and then submit him. Lol Penn is garbage.

. This so much 

9/13/18 1:52 PM
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id rather it be a grappling match but glad they gave Penn a grappler not striker

Edited: 9/13/18 1:54 PM
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lol @ Hall outstriking BJ, fucking lol.

He couldn't outstrike the dregs of the roster so he has zero chance of outstriking BJ.

In for flopping on his ass every time BJ comes forward.

9/13/18 2:34 PM
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Excited to see Hall Back in action