UnderGround Forums Hearing UFC pioneer Pat Smith died.

6/20/19 2:15 AM
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Tank Abbot and his crew reportedly lumped Pat up in an elevator once, iirc.

6/20/19 5:24 AM
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Otlwgt - I wonder if anyone tried to fight Smith in prison?

I hear the inmates go after child rapist. A lot of them get killed in prison. I'm thinking someone had to have stepped up to the plate while Smith was locked up..

Smith was a legit striker with KO power. He knocked out Andy Hug in K1

I had no idea Smith was a child predator. I still imagine he had to have fucked someone up in prison

He could of checked in and been king of the goofs. But if he stayed in GP People would know he's a hard man and act accordingly.

I don't give a shit how tough you are you ain't beating seven guys with socks full of dominoes/Shanks/Chair leg clubs

6/20/19 6:23 AM
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6/20/19 7:46 AM
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Wow, so many memorable fights. Definitely one of the most exciting fighters of his time.

6/20/19 3:52 PM
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D241---what's  your name on FB start with?

6/20/19 4:25 PM
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pm sent Frank

6/20/19 5:26 PM
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Can sleep easier that a child predator is no longer breathing.