UnderGround Forums Holy S***! Ngannou vs. JDS this Sat?!?

6/25/19 1:44 AM
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I've been lost working 45-60 hour weeks and tending to my newborn and toddler the rest of my time... BUT how did I miss this?!?!


The most feared striker in the heavyweight division vs. the most feared striker of the previous generation. The only two men to quickly KO Cain on primetime, while the UFC was transitioning to a new major network. Does the old dog have some tricks up his sleeve or does the new wrecking ball run through him?

6/25/19 1:55 AM
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Prime JDS all day, current JDS......ummm, probably not, but I hope I am wrong as fuck

6/25/19 11:55 AM
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hope jds just takes him down and subs him

6/25/19 12:48 PM
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Jds isn't that much older... probably younger if Ngannou told his real age

6/25/19 1:54 PM
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livelaughlove -

Jds isn't that much older... probably younger if Ngannou told his real age

He's older in Nog years

6/25/19 2:05 PM
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Didn't even know this was a fight till just now




6/25/19 2:10 PM
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why am i not excited for this fight?

6/25/19 11:57 PM
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yomamafool -

why am i not excited for this fight?

That is a great question, I need you to scour the trenches of your soul to find the answer. Meanwhile, I will dig trenches between your old ladies legs to help expedite the process! 

6/26/19 12:28 AM
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Because he knows JDS is a nice guy and something like this will probably be the outcome.
6/26/19 12:47 AM
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yomamafool - 

why am i not excited for this fight?

I think it's because the most likely result is a very one sided, quick fight with Ngannou winning by KO..I'm not that excited either as Dos Santos is older, much slower and lake the technique to beat a guy like Ngannou..on the feet that is but if JDs tries to make it a grappling fight, then it gets interesting
6/26/19 1:00 AM
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Otlwgt - If JDS can keep his back off the cage he wins..

I think JDS can take Francis punches.. I dont know if Francis has been hit clean by someone who punches as hard as JDS.

If JDS cant stay off the cage I think he takes a beating and will lose by TKO in a later round..

JDS needs to use his speed and footwork.. Stay off the cage

JDS will take Francis' punches, problem is, he'll be asleep while he's taking 2,3, 4 & 5.

6/30/19 11:56 PM
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Well, that was really just a fizzle