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3/25/20 11:49 AM
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Yo What's UP Underground?

Hope all is well...

I figured since a lot of people cannot go to their gyms and are stuck at home YET...need to still keep in shape, that I would start posting more follow along workouts for the CREW!!!

Over the past few days I’ve had a lot of pro fighters, trainers, marital artist and combat athletes reach out to me asking for workouts and programs that they can do at home.

Anyways...here is a very tough cardio workout that is body weight only using the Tabata protocol.

Just shot this workout for Tabata Songs 30 day home workout challenge.



"Tabata workouts are key to helping fighters and myself get into amazing shape. I love using Tabata Songs as my timer, so I don’t have to worry about the countdown and can just focus on getting through the workout with a little motivational music to help."

The Workout: "Fighter Tabata Workout"

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest one after the other for one round.

After you complete the round. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 3-5 rounds.

1. Burpees

2. Burpee Lunges

3. Burpee Alternating Push Ups Leg and Arm Raises

4. Side to Side Jumping Burpees

5. Burpee Mountain Climbers

6. Burpee Leg Splits

7. Burpee Chest to Ground

8. One Arm Alternating Burpees


Get it Done!



3/25/20 12:22 PM
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"Try" this one on for size bitches...good luck!

3/25/20 12:45 PM
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Good stuff, man.


I will give this try.  Burpees kick my ass normally and I'm sure this will be no different.


* On a SideNote:  That Dr. Dre beat (tabata- was fire.

3/25/20 4:11 PM
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This is pretty sweet.  Will try it and report back. 

3/26/20 12:57 AM
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3/26/20 9:37 PM
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Good stuff!

3/26/20 10:32 PM
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Awesome, thank you 

3/27/20 6:58 PM
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ill check this later, good find
3/28/20 3:46 AM
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