UnderGround Forums If bj beats Johnson is what happens to Johnson

5/24/19 5:01 PM
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? I don't recall his lasts fights but he seems like a tough bastard that has trouble with the top guys.do you think they let him go if he loses? I hope not, I enjoy the fights I've seen of his but it wouldn't shock me with the way the UFC has proven to do.

5/24/19 5:10 PM
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No win situation for MJ

5/24/19 5:15 PM
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I think a much better fight would be bj vs Faber.

5/25/19 6:56 AM
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I don’t think they cut him, but I also think at this point in the game there’s maybe a 1% chance bj wins.... and I’m a huge bj penn fan. 


MJ has had some good showings but he’s a bit inconsistent, however the dudes skills are there and if I remember correctly he stung khabib with some punches before getting taken down like khabib does to everyone. 

5/25/19 7:33 AM
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Michael Johnson is fighting BJ?

5/25/19 7:56 AM
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If the fight happens I just don’t see BJ winning. Johnson is longer and faster with his punches, and has good enough wrestling to control and clinch game or defend takedowns. Makes me sad but I just don’t see it. But he can be inconsistant, and it is MMA, so you never know. 

5/25/19 8:35 AM
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Pigs will fly
5/25/19 8:44 AM
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Is this fight scheduled or just speculation?
5/25/19 9:21 AM
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BJ gets tired after a round. If he could put three rounds together like the first round of his last fight, he'd be okay. But it's almost guaranteed his stamina bar fades fast. He's completely abandoned his ground game too. He wants to punch it out and score KO's. 

5/25/19 4:30 PM
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If Johnson loses, he'll probably commit suicide

5/25/19 5:27 PM
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Surely they're not letting BJ fight MJ??? Surely not.

5/25/19 5:41 PM
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Criminal if true.

Faber is plausible, and potentially beneficial.
5/25/19 9:45 PM
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He doesn’t have to worry about it cause there’s 0 chance BJ wins. Worst fighter in the ufc 

5/25/19 9:58 PM
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This fight isn't actually being discussed, at least not with BJ

5/25/19 11:14 PM
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Please make this fight happen. I love mismatches 

5/25/19 11:32 PM
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BJ wants the Lentz fight, the Johnson fight AIN'T happenin

5/25/19 11:33 PM
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Are they trying to kill BJ? This is a moronic match up

5/25/19 11:49 PM
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If BJ wins,he should get a shot at interim champ Porier since Johnson ko'd Dustin

5/26/19 12:33 AM
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Johnson isn't going to lose to BJ in 2019.

Be realistic here people.
5/26/19 10:18 PM
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BJ does not win a fight in UFC ever again.
5/26/19 10:32 PM
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Johnson will hurt modern day BJ - and I am a huge BJ Fan

5/27/19 1:54 AM
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How long before penn is sub .500?

5/27/19 4:15 AM
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failure at life - 

How long before penn is sub .500?

I didn't do the math, but I think he either is .500 or already below .500 IN the UFC.