UnderGround Forums If you owned mixedmartialarts.com?

1/13/21 8:03 PM
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What would you do to either improve or enhance the site?

What would you change, supplement, or omit?

More videos? More technique? More inhouse content?

Less Elias Theodorou perhaps?

My suggestion is to have a weekly Pro Fighter interactive live thread.

For example - Have Dustin Poirier interactive for one hour answering our questions.

Like, ever Sunday Night at 7pm to 8pm have a different pro live and interactive. I think it would great to have these guys and girls answer what we want to know.

What are some other ideas?
1/13/21 8:27 PM
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I would love to see this be a place where the fighters came back to regularly.  I think it's tough, because stuff like Instagram and Twitter have taken ground from traditional forums due to how quickly and easily they can be accessed.  Also, MMA isn't the fringe sport it once was, where this forum was literally the only way some people could network, find places to train and get any type of appreciable exposure.

I'd like to see a lot of the old members come back and to have the community feeling of this place restored.  If I were Kirik, I'd have all Biden/Trump/MAGA/etc political threads moved to the Political Ground.  The amount of political threads, uninspired trolling, meanness and bullshit are absurd on the OG.  The UG used to be the forum people would flee from because of trolling and stupid shit.  How times have changed.

I know the idea of member policing by way of vote up and vote downs has been kicked around. 

There was a multi page thread about this probably a year ago that had some great suggestions, but seemingly not much implementation.  Maybe it's just the limitations of the current software they're using. 

I don't know.  For better or worse, I love this place, it's the only forum I post on, and I'm going to stick with it and support Kirik regardless. 

1/13/21 8:34 PM
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two girls at one time

1/13/21 8:37 PM
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Keep having great news and avoid all identity politics. I cannot go on MMAJUNKIE anymore because of how partisan they've become. They were literally overjoyed with Militech firing because he's a conservative.

mixedmartialarts.com has great records on fights, weight, reach and all the details. Do something to drive up page rank on searches to get more people visiting like Sherdog, and Tapology. Duckduckgo paid page rank?

Improve the forum like Sherdog. All the bells and wistles you can do there should be done here to grow the forum.

To get ahead of the competition, start implementing crypto tools - tipping members with BAT, Crypto bets, brackets like tapology and winning points for correct predictions, but then have a pool to win ETH, BTC, BAT.

Young guys would be into it.

1/13/21 8:50 PM
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I’d continue to milk it making the most money possible with the least amount of effort until enough users die or I did. 

1/13/21 9:21 PM
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Bring back ufc fight gifs. Fuck DFW

1/13/21 9:27 PM
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It would still be MMA.TV

It would still be pale blue

It would be made of Win & God, it couldn't be beat

I'd delete the OG again just so F&B would come back and post the anthem of loss.

1/13/21 9:34 PM
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Oh good we re doing this thread, again.

It really turned this place around the last 10 times we did this. 


1/13/21 9:45 PM
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Connorwinztharematch - 

Oh good we re doing this thread, again.

It really turned this place around the last 10 times we did this. 


At least you don't have to worry about the current powers that be stealing any ideas.

1/13/21 10:25 PM
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1/13/21 10:56 PM
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Automatic blue name after 5 years of membership

Pro fighter live threads would be great although I'm sure posters would get out of hand quick. 

More in-house content (prospect interviews, gym videos, etc)

Fighter rankings voted on by posters


Edited: 1/13/21 11:24 PM
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"MMA isn't the fringe sport it once was, where this forum was literally the only way some people could network, find places to train and get any type of appreciable exposure."

Yeah, I'm more or less "It's a done deal" on it; old users aged out or fucked off already & new users have all of social media available regardless. & there's no legit interest in doing anything that would cost something or take any amount of work. (Always willing to be proven wrong.) That said, here are the first handful of things I always say when we do this thread:

Throw away the garbage karma system. If you must have one, make it useful. That requires explanatory feedback, a legitimately searchable database, & status indicators. Karma does no good if nobody knows what the reasons were, if people can do them over opinions rather than behavior with no consequence, or are virtually anonymous. Rogan's board had it just about perfect, but you can take literally any karma system from any other board & it will be better.

Ignore function needs to work properly all the time, needs to handle threads/first posts too, & needs to be available to mudnames to be effective.

No good reason IP check should have been cut.

Somebody savvy running up-to-date merch & organizing regular meat-ups tied to willing sponsors/venues with kickbacks. I Wild Each It would have been a successful shirt & hat. I bought so much dumb shit 20 years ago from people paying attention here - Remember Hey Watch You Mouth Call Me Lame? - never made sense Kirik never hopped on that. Patreon proves all that shit still works. I know several podcasters making decent incomes off regular merch & events from reliable fractions of their wider audiences.

God forbid there's ever real modding again.

1/13/21 11:25 PM
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Notifications if your post is quoted

1/14/21 12:06 AM
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Fix the tiny YouTube videos. :)

1/14/21 12:12 AM
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"Hey Watch You Mouth Call Me Lame" came from Royce Gracie.

1/14/21 12:42 AM
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upgrade from vBulliten 2.2 or self-immolate the site

1/14/21 12:57 AM
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Make the ignore function work to some degree

1/14/21 2:51 AM
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ShanTheMan - 

Make the ignore function work to some degree

Sometimes logging out and re-logging in works.  Although now I'm starting to wonder if it's broken b/c I thought I had someone on ignore but I still am able to see their post. 

It would be cool that if you put someone on ignore that post you make, they are not able to see them.


1/14/21 3:02 AM
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Soup Nazi - 

Fix the tiny YouTube videos. :)

Every video now forces you to watch on YouTube so it's almost guaranteed I'm going to get an ad before I can watch the video. Ya I know get an ad blocker but that's not the point. I'm sure it's an easy fix and was probably a fuckup to begin with from that last round of revisions. No other site has these problems.

1/14/21 3:26 AM
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1. Ban OP

2. declare myself Mayor

3. get wasted, stay wasted 

1/14/21 3:27 AM
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Soup Nazi -

Fix the tiny YouTube videos. :)

This. Other than that...nothing. Every time they try to improve something they make it worse. Just leave it alone.  

1/14/21 3:40 AM
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Move the political threads to the political ground.

1/14/21 4:03 AM
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ShanTheMan -

Make the ignore function work to some degree

Did someone post something here?

1/14/21 4:56 AM
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Ban Zeekman, Nytron and Sam Miller. Actually Nytron is chillin now

Edited: 1/14/21 3:16 PM
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HillboFrateTrane -

I’d continue to milk it making the most money possible with the least amount of effort until enough users die or I did. 

Soooo, same basic business model?

*insert "that's the joke" .gif here*