UnderGround Forums Is Aaron Pico done?

6/14/19 8:48 PM
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KO’d again, 4 - 3 record.  Is he done?

6/14/19 8:49 PM
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Might as well be. Go back to wrestling. You’re still young 

6/14/19 9:01 PM
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pretty bad reflexive move there, going for a double leg on a jumping knee?
6/14/19 9:05 PM
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He just can't seem to put it all together yet. But he's faced crazy competition for someone so new to the sport. I wanna see him in there more. 

6/14/19 9:07 PM
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Those knockouts are gonna add up on him quick. He's going to get better at fighting, being so young, but it isn't like his chin is going to get better over time. 

6/14/19 9:12 PM
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No but he may not have the best chin. I don't think that can be taught
6/14/19 9:43 PM
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Otlwgt - I think he is done. I said it last time he got highlight reeled.. He will continue to fight.. He might win some.. He might lose some.. He can still make money.. As far as his career? He is a tuff journeyman.. That's what he amounted to..

He wont ever crack the top 10.. I think he will get knocked out again if he keeps going

Morris will fight for the belt someday IMO.. He knew what he needed to do and he executed. High fight IQ.. No quit.. Exellent physical attributes.

Morris might be future champ. He needs some hype IMO

Who is this Morris guy?

6/14/19 10:03 PM
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He probably is, but if he wants any chance at a career or normal life he needs at least a year with zero head contact. 

6/14/19 10:09 PM
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Bad to be this chinny so early on

6/14/19 10:10 PM
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Boric is an up and comer, definitely not throwing him cans. I feel like they should have done a better job bringing him in with lower competition to get his feet wet.
6/14/19 10:12 PM
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RockTheVote -

Those knockouts are gonna add up on him quick. He's going to get better at fighting, being so young, but it isn't like his chin is going to get better over time. 

Would it be worth taking a couple years off from fighting just training?

Edited: 6/15/19 9:27 AM
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Records aren't that important he still has time .. one good run and he's at the top..  people still go by the boxing record reputation were losses  mean your career is over 

6/14/19 10:26 PM
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Marlon moraes record was very similar when he made the jump from kickboxing to mma. He changed from 145 to 135 and best Miguel Torres. Hope pico can make have a similar career 

6/14/19 10:42 PM
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He was brought up all wrong, but it may not have mattered anyways.
6/14/19 10:44 PM
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Didn’t Schaub call him the Lebron James of MMA?

6/14/19 11:58 PM
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Why were both of Pico's elbows bloody?...
6/15/19 12:00 AM
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xchrisbx24 -

Didn’t Schaub call him the Lebron James of MMA?

To be fair Schuab actually said this was a terrible match up for him this week

6/15/19 12:07 AM
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Absolutely. The kid has been knocked out WAY to many times. He needs to find something else to do. 

6/15/19 12:13 AM
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Fight iq is low.

No jabs, feint, low kicks, or gnp.

When throw hands, he only throws hands.

When he wrestles, he only wrestles.

He has technique, but might be too young. He'd be better served taking six months off from.contact, and then 2 years just training.

6/15/19 4:33 AM
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Looking at his recent opponents seems like they threw him in thinking he has the experience of Ghandi.
Perfect example of how not to manage /build a prospect up.
6/15/19 1:46 PM
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Picochu - 

Shitty management.   Needs to be built up despite being a stellar athlete.   Fucking 12 and 0 killer for a 4 and 2 guy.  Stupid. 


6/15/19 1:57 PM
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Stop throwing him to the vets... Jesus. Give him some of Danis' opponents and let him develop. Horrible matchmaking. 

6/15/19 2:25 PM
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I've said this before he should really go back and focus on wrestling and trying to accomplish world and olympic medals.

Pico is on a horrible trend, he is young and has already been knocked out cold twice and rocked in other fights even some that he wins, yeah he will make money in MMA but whats money when you are brain dead?

6/15/19 2:38 PM
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Hope he doesn’t become the next Sean Salmon.  

6/15/19 8:09 PM
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GoingII - 

Hope he doesn’t become the next Sean Salmon.  

That is a name I haven't heard in a long time.