UnderGround Forums Is TKZ the best fighter to come out of Asia?

6/23/19 9:46 PM
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ABCTT_HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - 

If Petr Yan counts, how is the answer not Khabib or Fedor?

Because neither of them are part Chinese? Yan is definitely Russian though don't get it twisted. This is who Dana was talking about when he said "I want killers"

6/23/19 9:49 PM
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Zombie definitely has an all time great entertainment level and also dopest nickname.

6/24/19 12:16 AM
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LieDetector -

Sakuraba for me. 

Me too.

6/24/19 12:17 AM
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Kid Yamamoto

6/24/19 9:06 AM
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Soup Nazi -

Kid Yamamoto

For real, finished 5/6 of these guys, Royler, Uno, Sudo, Miyata, Bibiano, and Yahya all in a row while not losing for seven years.

Was one of the greatest undefeated runs in MMA history.

6/24/19 9:55 AM
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Zombie is awesome but he has had 11 fights in the past decade, went 6-5 in those fights. Right now he is a top FW and can beat anyone on a great night.


Laughable to talk about him as the best Asia has ever produced though.

6/24/19 12:04 PM
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He's probably the most fun to watch,  certainly one of the most loved on this side of the pond.  Previous poster raises an excellent question.

6/24/19 12:17 PM
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Goat of Chinitos

6/24/19 1:29 PM
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Mach Sakurai is my all time favorite.  Could one make an argument for him? 

6/24/19 1:30 PM
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He said best not greatest guys.

6/24/19 8:25 PM
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Naoya Inoue is ridiculous in the boxing world. #4 on p4p list currently. 

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Horiguchi says hello.

gomi to of course obviously

6/24/19 9:28 PM
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Prime Sakuraba, Gomi and Sakurai are hard to top but Kid and Sudo were amazing also.


shinya aoki has an impressive resume too


current Asians Horiguci probably takes that title

6/24/19 9:48 PM
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Takada and it's not even close. Tapped a prime Coleman with ease.

6/24/19 10:41 PM
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more specific plz



6/24/19 10:52 PM
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The answer is still Petr Yan

6/24/19 10:52 PM
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6/24/19 11:50 PM
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I think we're all forgetting about Andy Wang. 

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So many great names already put in this thread


Norifumi Kid Yamamoto was fantastic, dynamic stiking, fun to watch. RIP


Zombie, always been a beast. Seemingly always will be. 


Brandon The Truth Vera? Does he count? American born-Filipino right? Exciting, doing his thing in ONE.


Gomi, always on your toes watching for a flaming fist of fury to crack his opponent, the fireball kid!


Sakuraba as the Gracie killer, he blew my mind everytime I saw him grapple with the jiu jitsu guys in the early Prides.


Aoki, you know ahead of the fight who will give him issues, but the ones where he is confident in himself. He just embarrasses fools. 


Okami has a great resume, but his most notable win was a DQ win against Anderson, where he got KTFO by an upkick while in Anderson's guard. He has since fought in WSOF, PFL, back in and out of the UFC then most recently made his ONE debut and got TKO'd.


Cung Le? He had a heyday in StrikeForce, PED infused but whatever. 


Yoshihiro Akiyama - Sexy-Yama! Had some big fights in the UFC and suprised the hell out of me. He can do it all! Model, Sing, Act, Fight (Judo-base). Probably the only UFC fighter to drop out the wek before a fight from a Tsunami. UFC 128. He replaced Chael vs Nate the Great and then a week out had to drop out. Replaced by Dan Miller. 


Takashi but he's not at the top.


Ikuhisa Minowa - Minowaman (never the greatest, has some exciting wins) but is willing to fight ANYBODY.


This thread brought back some memories. Good shit. 

6/26/19 2:44 AM
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branchdavidian -

more specific plz



This guy has a point 

Fedor is the answer to this thread

6/26/19 11:21 AM
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Stun Gun Kim is good too 

6/26/19 3:43 PM
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branchdavidian -

more specific plz



That's a gross simplification. All of Russia is not Asia. The division is traditionally the Ural Mountains, and probably 80% of Russia lives west of the Urals. Though I am pulling that number out of my ass.