UnderGround Forums Is the problem a bad scoring system or bad judges?

12 days ago
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Any champ other than Jones would've lost that fight tho, IMO. Jones has an aura and reputation, and I think that influenced judging a bit.

12 days ago
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Absolutely judges. If the 10pm system was utilized correctly (new unified rules are pretty close) then it would be sufficient. Problem is, not everyone is adopting them and even those commissions that are, still have judges stuck in the old scoring style. 

11 days ago
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It is both the scoring system and the judges. Removing the responsibility from the athletic commissions would likely help, instead employ former fighters, trainers, even media members etc but this is hard to keep clean and regulate.


An simpler/quicker fix would be for judges to actually use 10-10 and 10-8 (and 10-7) rounds more appropriately, and to have the rounds scored by 5 or 7 or even 9 judges rather than 3