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10/23/20 4:50 AM
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Frank Mir’s daughter, Isabella made her pro debut last night on iKON Fighting Federation 2 in Mexico. It aired on UFC Fight Pass, but I can’t find any video to post of it. She beat Danielle Wynn by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

10/23/20 7:37 AM
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Prize money was paid in frankincense and gold.

10/23/20 12:14 PM
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10/23/20 12:16 PM
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MMA Junkie recap

MMA Fighting recap

10/23/20 2:32 PM
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Watched it last night. Was a good fight.

10/23/20 2:36 PM
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Kirik -

MMA Junkie recap

MMA Fighting recap

Good stuff. Thanks, Kirik

10/23/20 2:37 PM
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Not a fan of young athletes fighting , but that was an impressive debut. 

10/23/20 6:50 PM
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10/23/20 7:17 PM
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Jesus her arms look huge and jacked 

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Kirik you write this?


. In the third, Wynn did her best to emulate her father, who was known for his submission skills, as she worked for an armbar. 

10/23/20 8:21 PM
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Didn't watch the fight but the fact the 3 judges gave her opponent 1 round, tells me that they didn't pick an opponent that woud be an easy win.  That's good.  Got to give your young fighters a challenge.  Not a difficult one, but one that will put you through some sort of adversity that even if you win, you can still find things to improve on.


How'd the other girl win a round, I'm guessing it was in the stand up?

10/23/20 8:26 PM
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His kids all look like mini-mirs


10/24/20 12:35 AM
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I remember Bella when she was 11 or 12 when my daughter used to train at Drysdale's. If I remember correctly, I think she was ranked really high in wrestling in the state too.  Time flies!  

10/24/20 12:40 AM
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She beat a guy or guys in wrestling ^^^^

10/24/20 4:29 AM
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Jump Kick -

Prize money was paid in frankincense and gold.

lies, the daughter of the Devil would not accept this as payment.

10/24/20 8:40 PM
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10/24/20 9:53 PM
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Good for her. I can’t even imagine what it’s like cornering your 18 year old daughter. Gotta be crazy stressful.

10/24/20 9:56 PM
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Frank Mir is still the Devil.