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5 days ago
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A 43 year old Silva with 2 years ring rust lost the decision but was hardly a beaten man in the end.  Israel won rounds 1 and 3, but Silva edged him in 2.  If it had been a 5 rounder anything could have happened.  

The younger Anderson Silva who walked through Rich Franklin would have prevailed tonight. 

5 days ago
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Anywhere to see a replay?
5 days ago
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Anderson looked good but damn if he was a bit younger or on those Brazilian dick pills it would have been epic.


5 days ago
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floofy -
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These guys know they signed a contract to fight each other, right? And then they spend half the "fight" standing there staring.

Anderson might look old, but he's still dangerous as fuck, make no mistakes about it. He's an extremely good counter striker. It would have been foolish of Israel to get too agressive.

Prime Anderson would have won this easily.

Prime Anderson showed up in round 2 and almost got the KO.

5 days ago
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OUTCOLD - Anywhere to see a replay?

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5 days ago
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Wasa-B - Anderson showed his age, for him, but crazy how much he could still put on that much of a show. He was still difficult for Israel, very technical on both sides. Israel faster, more creative, more fluid at this point but it would have been great to see Anderson in there some years ago.

This was a far better showing for Anderson than against Bisping and Israel is the better, faster, more modern striker.

Israel may not have gotten the finish but he showed some maturity, fight IQ and patience.

Good showmanship on both sides, really technical and not often you get to see 2 real creative fighters in there.

Hats off to Anderson.

Good post.

5 days ago
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Wasa-B -
MrHughes1991 - 

I think isreal was a bit star struck. He didn't use his jab or his feints really at all in the fight and that was his biggest advantage against Anderson.  A bit too much respect. I was entertained though 

Huh? Anderson was def biting on his feints. He just wasn't gonna over extend himself and take the kind of chances that Anderson feasts on. That showed some good fight IQ on Israel's part.

I agree Isreal did throw some feints, but he never actually used the feints to set up any offense. I expected him to draw out the reactions and then land effective jabs and straights. He landed a few left straights though. Doesn't look like Adesanya likes to be pressured either. He ran straight back to the cage a few times in the fight

5 days ago
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Wow.. i havent been the biggest anderson silva fan due to his previous behavior and steroid tests, but fuck sake this 43 yr old imrpessed the shit out of me... 


And i lowered my hype for israel a bit, doesnt look like he got power in his hands.. But accuracy and speed is enough for ppl who doesnt have the strongest chin. (and his kicks can ko anyone if he lands clean anyway)

4 days ago
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If I'm being honest, adesanya landed a leg kick on silvas former broken leg and Anderson reacted really badly. Adesanya didn't want to finish the fight beating up his bad leg so he half assed all the other leg kicks. 

4 days ago
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If this doesn't make Izzy stronger then I don't know what this fight was for. If he doesn't find strength in beating his idol in a decision then he isn't ready. His next fight will tell the tale.