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During  the JRE MMA Show #91 with Radio Rahim, host Joe Rogan discussed the most important martial art in mixed martial arts. (2:32)


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ABCTT Dos - 

Judging by the amount of questions and feedback OP has responded to I'm guessing he really got fired for being a lazy fuck.

Maybe he found a new job already.

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The Fleshlight guys opinion means nothing to me. 

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Michael De Santa -

The Fleshlight guys opinion means nothing to me. 

So his entire life experience including the vast ammount of time he's spent actually training MMA is all summed up for you by Fleshlights? Thats a very narrow-minded way to think

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Joe has said wrestling is the best base for MMA on JRE about 100 times between 2009 and now.

He has always consistently said this. Probably more than 100 times actually.

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alesyana proves stand up is right now