UnderGround Forums Jon Jones' Twitter reacts to Reyes controversy

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Twitter Blown Up Jones


2/12/20 10:46 PM
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Sea Level Cain

Motivated BJ

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Twitter Blown Up Jones


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Sober McGregor?

I really want someone to beat some humility in JBJ, but I fully agree on his fight assessment. The one tweet about kids not taking responsibility os beyond ironic though ha ha

2/12/20 11:36 PM
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Is he trying to convince us or is he trying to convince himself? Those tweets look super salty

2/13/20 7:02 AM
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This is tito level of funny 

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"When will these young boys start taking responsibility."

L O L did Mr. Zero Accountability really just say that?

This pretty much proves what I always thought about him; he's a sociopathic ego maniac.

He literally just made how many posts going on a rant? Literally acting like a kid that won his first fight at school and it really sounds like he knows he lost that fight deep down.

Just blows my mind how someone so gifted can also be a mental midget; makes no sense.

Time to hire someone to mediate what you post on Twitter, Jon.


2/13/20 3:02 PM
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Dreville79 -
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Jones is beyond delusional. Jones is on a two fight losing streak.

Seeing as he has W's in his last two fights, I'd say you're the delusional one. Believe it or not, the opinion of a random forum member who doesn't know what he's watching, luckily doesn't decide fighters Win Loss records 

The vast majority of the MMA community agrees Jones lost his last two fights. Including FIGHTERS, promoters, media members, and other industry insiders.

Only casuals and morons like yourself, who literally have no clue what they're watching, think Jones won his last two fights.

2/14/20 10:30 AM
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Longo said it best. You lost the first three. That's it. Done.