UnderGround Forums Jon Jones is a real BUM!

3/26/20 7:13 PM
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We have given Jon Jones numerous chances. Instead of self isolating Jon Jones decided to get drunk and go out shooting guns in a place he was not suppossed to.

The police found a hand gun and a bottle of alchohol behind the seat of Mr. Jones Jeep 2019.

What should we do with Jon Jones?

3/26/20 7:19 PM
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he will get another opportunity. When you are that good at what you do there is always another chance

That is why the argument about Kap being balck balled from the NFL is bullshit, if he could produce like someone like Jons he would have been signed.

when your skill set it at the top it is almost impossible not to get more chances

Does make it fair or right but that is the reality

3/26/20 7:20 PM
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Thanks for the new post. I guess you missed all the other threads. 

3/26/20 7:31 PM
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Has zero impact on my life so I choose to appreciate the entertainment value Jon’s continued self destruction provides. 

Three cheers for Jon fuckin’ Jones!