UnderGround Forums Jon Jones vs Izzy who is better in the modern era?

3/26/20 7:48 PM
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Jon Jones has been champion for a long time and he is on his 3rd reign as UFC lightweight champion of the world including his interim title. Israel Adesanya is newer but has proven that he is undefeated and might become one of hte greats one day.

Jon Jones was just arrested again after a poor outing vs Dominick Reyes.  Israel Adesanya just had a really boring match. 

Regardless. These are two of the most elite UFC fighters and both are basically undefeated. Who would win in a 5 round battle between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya?


3/27/20 8:24 PM
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Is this that much of a question?
3/28/20 1:04 AM
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Jones would hurt Adesanya. 

3/28/20 1:59 AM
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Jones would win hung over straight outta jail.