UnderGround Forums Ken Shamrock KO'd Mark Coleman in training ?

5/30/20 6:54 PM
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"I promise you if guys had to train to fight unknown opponents with unknown skill, their training regimes would be different."




The rules ALWAYS determine the and approach that will prevail.


Guys are training in 20 thousand square ft facilities with in house chiro/massage/nutritionist with 8 weeks to prepare for one guy 3 x 5 min rounds.


Vovchachyn showed up ready to fight 3 different men in one night while borrowing a jock strap he shared with another Russian fighter and did 1 x 30 min rounds BARE KNUCKLE.


Thats insane but it was the norm. 


That's equally disgusting as it is awesome. It's hard to find something you can say that about. Sounds like a good OG thread.

5/30/20 7:10 PM
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Ken had A truly unique mix of extreme strength/explosion potential (which he maximized with pharmaceuticals but 99% of people could take all the juice they want they wouldn’t turn into a Ken Shamrock). And if you look at his entire body of work as a pro wrestler/grappler. He had some all-time great technical bouts in the attitude area, had extremly solid stand up wrestling fundamentals that he could go toe to toe with guys with elite credentials he had no business being shot to hang with let alone get the better of (similar to gsp) and his catch game transitions and sub game I think 1994 Ken would be a top 5 hwt at least with 9 months of modern mma training camp adustments to strategy/rules. Even at 205 prime Ken before he wrecked his body in wwe would beat the sh*t out of guys like Anthony smith no offense.


****. It seems like he’s the Scotty Pippen to Jordan but Guy Metzger was almost equally as well rounded athlete way ahead of the time...

Big fan of Mezger!

My biggest criticism of Mezger, was his seeming lack of explosive killer instinct-- especially in striking exchanges.

Sometimes,Guy looked more like he was sparring than fighting.

The skill and positioning was all there -- he just needed to turn it up a notch.


I just got done watching Tito/Mezger 1..Tito was pounding his head in and Guy tapped but the ref didn't stop it..oh well, Tito got him in the rematch and then beat his trainer Ken up not once but twice later on ..Tito basically shut down the entire Lions Den team by himself lol

This again?!?!?!?

Though, it's one of the most debated issues in the history of the sport, I never thought Mezger tapped in the first fight. IIRC, his hand seemed to slip and he tried to regain a hold of the mat and it appeared like he was tapping b/c his hand was going up and down while Tito was trying to manhandle/knee him. No doubt, Mezger did get a lucky break in that fight, but I don't believe he tapped.

Didn't Mezger also have the flu the week leading up to their second fight? And it was still competitive with Mezger getting two deep submission attempts before fading due to lack of cardio. I hear the flu can do that to you! But then again, less than stellar cardio seemed to be an achilles heel for Guy as his career continued.