UnderGround Forums Kevin Lee beats Khabib

10/8/18 8:35 PM
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Lorenthz - 

Equal wrestling but better hands.

equal wrestling ....

oh boy

if anybody is beating khabib its tony

and i doubt he beats khabib.
10/8/18 8:40 PM
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Great matchup stylewise. I think Lee gets too much a knock on his cardio. I assume the mersa had an effect on his cardio versus Ferg.

10/8/18 8:57 PM
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equal wrestling? No. 

But kevin would definitely do better than conor did

12/16/18 2:02 AM
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Sure thing, buddies!

12/16/18 2:04 AM
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Oh man "better hands" lol

Kevin Lee got his face pummeled standing by a guy dominated by Khabib in the stand-up

12/16/18 3:39 AM
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Kevin Lee needs more feints, head movement. and fake shots to strikes to up improve his striking

Heart, athlettism and wrestling ability are there 

12/16/18 3:43 AM
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I may have been wrong here.

12/16/18 8:35 AM
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Lorenthz - 

I may have been wrong here.

Not necessarily. Styles make fights, and Lee has a style that can beat Khabib. Would he? I guess we might never find out...
12/16/18 11:26 AM
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I no longer think Lee would beat Khabib. (I never would have bet on him, but I did think there were matchup issues).

I've minimized my concerns about Lee's striking. But, no more. I think Khabib is faster and has more diverse striking. He wins the fight on the feet.

Both are killers on top, but we have reason to think that Khabib is better on bottom.
5/19/19 3:10 AM
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5/19/19 2:00 PM
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touch - 


You kept this one in your holster a long time, sir.
5/19/19 2:02 PM
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Holy shit. I guess this really was a thing. Ridiculous.