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7/18/19 8:51 AM
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From Khabib Time book

“The tournament was nearing completion when the younger brother and I crossed our paths near the octagon.

Faced with his eyes, I blurted out in Russian: “What are you looking at?” Although he didn’t understand what I was saying, from the expression on my face, the younger Diaz could definitely assume that my words were clearly not an invitation to drink coffee. The words followed. The guy standing next to Nate was indignant and scolded me as if I was talking to him. It seemed to me abnormal, and I simply ... knocked him out. Yes, knocked out. He fell off his feet. I did not advertise this circumstance anywhere, but I confess to you from the pages of the book: I turned off the light of that guy.

At that moment, something hit my head. As it turned out, this was the senior Diaz - Nick - who threw some plastic jar at me. I was beside myself with rage. The course of events reminded me of the beginning of big fights from my youth. While Palhares was using kimuru (reverse knot of the hand) to win the battle with Shields ahead of schedule, we in the hall started the continuation of the fighting evening.

We weren’t given a chance in the arena, and now we had to find these guys in the lobby. We went under the vaults of the casino "Planet Hollywood", in which the tournament was held.

There were eight or ten of us: I, Abubakar, Islam, Esedulla, Dima-boxer, Hasan, Timur, Rizvan and a couple more local guys - our countrymen from Dagestan. In their gang, we only knew the Dias brothers and Gilbert Melendez. That's it.

As I understood, of all of us, those guys knew only me. I draw your attention, reader, to this circumstance because it played a decisive role that evening.

- Here he is, Diaz! - shouted Hassan and rushed into one of the corridors.

We followed him. It began!

A couple of blows came right to my head. In response, I literally battered one of the attackers. I did not know any of the crowd of opposing guys, and the crowd had already dispersed.

Who to fight? Who to send to the hospital? Who to kick? ... These questions flew in my head with kaleidoscopic speed.

Islam Mamedov chased Diaz Jr. and gave him a tasty kick right on the ass. As it turned out later, Islam did not even know who he beats. Seeing this, I was delighted: at least one of us got this lowlife.

Esedulla threw a chair into the fleeing rascal Dias. At this point, security guys appeared in the lobby who were called in by the organizers of the tournament. That episode with a chair happened right in front of their eyes, and they immediately laid Esed on the floor, twisting his arms and pressing his head to the floor. That was a spectacle! Thousands of people who left the arena after the end of the fighting witnessed it.

As I watched what was happening to Esed at the other end of the lobby, one of the guards rushed at me. He tried to twist my right hand behind my back, but could not do it because of my resistance.

- I'm calm. I'm not fighting, I said to this guy. Seeing the blood caked on my fist, he grinned and replied: "Yes, I see that you have nothing to do with it."

After several requests to let go, he did it. However, they were not completely behind me. Surrounding our group, they moved inside the arena.

For twenty minutes, these guys, in a calmer atmosphere, explained to me that such actions were unacceptable. The way it is. I, of course, do not bring all that happened that evening into my asset, but there was no other way. This is a noisy company with which anything can happen at any time. So it happened. The result of that scuffle was the demand of the stewards to stay in the room and not go out until the next morning.

“Guys, if we see someone down there until the morning, everyone will be in the police. You are lucky that your counterparts were the same athletes as you. If these were simple people, you would be downed," - such a conversation.

We were uncoupled and led up to the room. The people who were waiting in the lobby for the outcome, at the sight of us, shouted approvingly at us, supporting us in this way.

Fortunately, the consequences of this situation were not. I mean in the line of law and order. Although, assessing what happened now, I am sure that there could be, and moreover, serious ones. The fight of professional fighters in a public place ... Could be cruelly punished, of course.

You can't flip bird right-and-left just for fun. It is not right. And I admit that I am very sorry for the fright that people who happened to be with us that night were able to experience. For the edification of others, we could then simply be put in jail, while they might have dismissed me from the UFC by appendage. However, this did not happen. Praise the Almighty.

Then different people called me. The number of messages to my number was incredible. Social networks literally boiled over this story. USA Today devoted a whole reversal to this publication. I am absolutely not proud of this story. I am proud only of comrades who rushed into battle without thinking.

Here is a team! ”

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7/18/19 10:15 AM
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I know Khabib is used to 20 vs 1, but they should do a huge Battle Royal with Khabib’s crew vs the Stockton crew. 

7/18/19 10:47 AM
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SickEye -

I know Khabib is used to 20 vs 1, but they should do a huge Battle Royal with Khabib’s crew vs the Stockton crew. 

That would get me paying for ESPN

7/18/19 12:45 PM
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My bullshit meter is sounding an alarm.

7/18/19 1:13 PM
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"but I confess to you from the pages of the book: I turned off the light of that guy."
7/18/19 1:18 PM
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a tasty kick right on the ass!
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Why does it read like a shitty novel ?  

7/18/19 2:27 PM
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WhereIsGoranReljic - 

Why does it read like a shitty novel ?  

"From Khabib Time book"

Was in the OP.
7/18/19 3:09 PM
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StrikingMMA - "but I confess to you from the pages of the book: I turned off the light of that guy."

He probably passed out after a nice Khabib bathtub handy... 

7/18/19 3:12 PM
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This guy tells a tasty lie

7/18/19 3:38 PM
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Maybe this is Ali speaking for him....he has no problem lying.

7/18/19 3:45 PM
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The Stockton crew:  Nate, Nick, Giblert, Shields, and Kron? My money is on them.

7/18/19 4:01 PM
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Of all the things that never happened 

7/18/19 4:15 PM
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HoldingTuasBalls -

The Stockton crew:  Nate, Nick, Giblert, Shields, and Kron? My money is on them.

The Skrap Pack vs The Unibrows

7/18/19 4:21 PM
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Is that the first guy he’s ever knocked out? 

7/18/19 4:32 PM
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nah, didnt happen

7/18/19 6:50 PM
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For everybody's information, he's talking about the scuffle from a couple years ago, at WSOF. 

7/18/19 7:27 PM
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That should have started "Dear Diary..."
7/18/19 7:32 PM
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Is Ali writing fan-fiction now?
7/18/19 10:16 PM
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209 vs the Dagestani mob

7/18/19 11:35 PM
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He will say this but he won’t admit that Dillon knocked him in to next week, Khabib is just starting to recover from that blow how long has it been since his last fight?

7/19/19 12:53 AM
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SickEye -
HoldingTuasBalls -

The Stockton crew:  Nate, Nick, Giblert, Shields, and Kron? My money is on them.

The Skrap Pack vs The Unibrows

Also known as the bath time buddies.

7/19/19 1:11 AM
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I was there when the scuffle went down outside the venue. I was talking to Mike Pyle and about to get a picture when out of nowhere shit got wild. I almost got hit by said chair cause Nate was literally behind me, but the chair hit a trash can instead. Then he ran back to his brother and team, and I saw one of Khabib's guys chasing him.

The Stockton guys then went after him and then security and others intervened. It was weird and no one really got the best of anyone outside of the venue. I highly doubt Khabib did anything inside cause that scuffle was broken up immediately during the Shields/Paul Harris fight.