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9 days ago
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James Franco - 

Khabib isn't just a technical master that shuts down any form of anti khabib grappling with positioning and hips, he has this massive strength advantage that a person at 185 lbs would have over a 155 (after cut). Not only is he in the better position at all times, as you move he tightens and puts you in a worse position all while brutally out straining you at the same time. This is what Marcello Garcia looked like at his peak, different style but similar. It took Roger Gracie to stop him and that was a massive size diff.

Good points. However, you compare Khabib to Marcelo but remember in ADCC Kron was actually very competitive vs Marcelo. But you are correct, and Marcelo did beat Kron
9 days ago
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Shugum - 



Kron hasn't fought anyone of note to be even in the conversation.  Much of his game is untested.

What are you talking about.. Alex Caceres, bro.
9 days ago
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Is a Khabib vs Ben match-up that far out?  10 lbs?


9 days ago
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tj tapper - Id pay $100 for that PPV today.

yeah if I still paid that would be one to buy.
7 days ago
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Kron beating Khabib is actually more likely than Kron beating Max Holloway.
7 days ago
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novice fighter vs top of the food chain? Seems fair. Kron is where he is for a reason, so is Khabib.
6 days ago
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Summons - 

Khabib would have no need to shoot a double on Kron, he could keep the fight standing and win. It's silly to think he would fight using the same tactics he did against poirier.

I concur.

Khabib striking is garbage but Kron striking hot garbage.