UnderGround Forums Lennox Lewis On His 1st Meeting With Mike Tyson

3/16/19 12:11 AM
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Taco Muncher - 
TequilaYuen - I was really impressed by Lennox Lewis in this podcast. Truly self-assured, but also interested to learn. Notice how he doesn't talk over people. He listens when others speak. He doesn't feel a need to prove himself in conversation because he does it with his presence.

Also remarkably well spoken and clear thinking for a guy who made his fortune in heavyweight boxing.

Compare that with some of Joe's other guests like David Lee Roth or Mauro Ranallo, who constantly interrupted, went on self-aggrandizing tangents, and couldn't hold a discussion thread.

Good post.

Yea, that was great Tequila Yuen, agreed 100%.