UnderGround Forums Magomedov recieves lifetime UFC ban

4/5/19 9:49 PM
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HorseMeat4200 -

This is why we cant have good heavyweights.

Yeah, because they're all a bunch of fat crybaby faggots.

That's why we don't have any heavyweights.

4/5/19 10:06 PM
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A teaspoon of picograms in an Olympic size swimming pool can apparent grow in grams and remain in the body, but anyone else using steroids is banned or suspended for years.

-dana white

4/5/19 11:21 PM
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comeonman1 - 

You guys all sound like fags in a tub

So......you know what fags in a tub sound like?

I have zero experience in that regard.
4/6/19 5:22 PM
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OP is saying their are different rules for the elite?  What kind of world are we living in!

4/20/19 12:11 AM
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A bunch of gay, fag, homosexuals populating thread... including me, now whose down for a circle jerk

4/20/19 3:21 AM
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You got a problem with fags?

4/20/19 11:52 AM
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comeonman1 -

You guys all sound like fags in a tub

Ahhhh hahaha 

4/20/19 12:26 PM
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Sounds like faggotry 

4/20/19 12:56 PM
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He was busted twice and refused a test correct?





Matt Serra

4/20/19 1:50 PM
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RKing85 - are you suggesting there are different standards for different caliber of fighters???

I can't believe that.....

Only for black fighters.