UnderGround Forums Matt sera subdues drunk in a food court.

7/5/18 9:02 AM
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I was really impressed with the guy telling Matt to get off and Matt's response was "are you ready to control him?!" that's the prefect response! 

7/5/18 9:05 AM
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Grown man shit. Respect to the meatball

7/5/18 9:09 AM
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Coxndix - 
MrShush -

Matt should develop a de-escalation course for police departments.

He did a brilliant job here didn't he... Bravo Mr Serra. No one injured, made the family sitting near by feel safe by keeping his voice calm and even... And still let this moron make himself look stupid! 

7/5/18 9:15 AM
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You just know how badly he wanted to rip his arm off. They don’t call him the KimuraKid for nothing

7/5/18 9:15 AM
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LOL love Serra, that was great.

7/5/18 9:19 AM
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Plot twist: GSP is the drunk guys favorite fighter. 

7/5/18 10:10 AM
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LOL Serra is the man.

7/5/18 10:20 AM
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What did Matt have for dinner? 

7/5/18 10:23 AM
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What did Matt have for dinner? 

The drunk guys pride

7/5/18 10:53 AM
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Would have like to see the beginning, what started it, and how got him on his back. From what I did see tho it really was textbook control and deescalate. 

7/5/18 11:05 AM
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7/5/18 11:09 AM
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ChomskyBlackBelt -
I Just Saw Swinging -

Am I the only one who read the headline and thought a drunken Sera had to be subdued? Lol.

Haha! Imagine trying to subdue a drunken Matt Sera?

...I’ll pass!

You'd never be able to pass, he's a Jiu-Jitsu master.

7/5/18 11:09 AM
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That was awesome

7/5/18 11:16 AM
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I love how quickly the drunk dude went from “I’m gonna fuck you up!” to “I’m pressing charges!” You have to be a special kind of drunk to be talking shit from the bottom of mount!

7/5/18 11:23 AM
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I love the kimura lad. 

7/5/18 11:31 AM
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tapestry -

I love how quickly the drunk dude went from “I’m gonna fuck you up!” to “I’m pressing charges!” You have to be a special kind of drunk to be talking shit from the bottom of mount!

It’s called confidence, you dweeb.  Dude was gonna shrimp his way out and unleash hell. They stopped it way too soon.  

7/5/18 12:20 PM
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Adelaide Byrd & Cecil peoples both scored it 10-8 for the drunk guy.

7/5/18 12:25 PM
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IGotPipedByStipe -

Haha yes

7/5/18 12:41 PM
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lol @ serra's reaction when the guy squeals I'm going to fuck you up
7/5/18 12:41 PM
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Jacksonjunior9111 - 

Lol Matt was so chill.  If only cops could learn from him. If that was a cop in mount, he would be dropping elbows till the guy was out, then tase him till we wakes up, then shoot him in the legs and call for back up after 

Most cops aren't world class bjj black belts. Also it is a lot different fighting when there are multiple weapons within reach.
7/5/18 12:46 PM
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Was dude squawking about being a "chairman"?

7/5/18 1:24 PM
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The only thing that could have made that vid even more awesome was if Serra told the drunk guy to BREATH!! Remember to breath!!!
7/5/18 1:29 PM
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im suprised he didnt recognize matt

7/5/18 1:31 PM
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wheres the video?!?!?!



7/5/18 1:59 PM
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Obviously that was a set up for publicity. Serra wants more spotlight for hof induction. The video on his own IG account. How did he know to record himself? Didn’t the drunk guy sound like Chris the producer?