UnderGround Forums Matt sera subdues drunk in a food court.

7/5/18 2:05 PM
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Someone should post the old Ryan Hall one on here. 


IIRC, it has a cameo of the late David Jacobs (rip). That video was awesome too

7/5/18 2:12 PM
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Another early stand up

7/5/18 2:12 PM
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Morgz -

Someone should post the old Ryan Hall one on here. 


IIRC, it has a cameo of the late David Jacobs (rip). That video was awesome too

That video was phenomenal, it’s been years since I’ve seen it. I’ll do a quick search. 

7/5/18 2:14 PM
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7/5/18 3:30 PM
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He's the chairman for the mayor of fucksville.

7/5/18 3:39 PM
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Matt is the man.
7/5/18 3:41 PM
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What a legend. 

7/5/18 3:51 PM
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Matt is one of my favorite people of all time.


7/5/18 4:51 PM
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Moments before the altercation:




7/5/18 5:02 PM
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Saltine American - 

Moments before the altercation:




7/5/18 5:17 PM
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Matt Serra is a cool dude
7/5/18 5:32 PM
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serra is a meme generator for da OG!

someone put angryinch's name on the guy on bottom so I can use it in every cop thread....
7/5/18 5:52 PM
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That dude probably felt so helpless.  Full mount with wrist control.  The only thing he could still do was buck his hips, yell, and flail while Matt calmly did nothing and expended no energy.

7/5/18 5:54 PM
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Cecil Peoples scored it 10-8 for the drunk.

7/5/18 6:00 PM
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I love it lol. Nice work Serra. 

7/5/18 6:21 PM
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I love that the dude's fat wife is passed out in the booth. What an awesome couple they are.

7/5/18 6:38 PM
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I Just Saw Swinging -

Am I the only one who read the headline and thought a drunken Sera had to be subdued? Lol.

Yes, you’re drunk!!!

7/5/18 6:43 PM
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dunc - 
Jacksonjunior9111 - 

Lol Matt was so chill.  If only cops could learn from him. If that was a cop in mount, he would be dropping elbows till the guy was out, then tase him till we wakes up, then shoot him in the legs and call for back up after 

Most cops aren't world class bjj black belts. Also it is a lot different fighting when there are multiple weapons within reach.

Every cop I know resoundingly supports more grappling training for cops. Their self defense training is garbage.
7/5/18 7:06 PM
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Hilarious - it was like a Dad controlling his small son during a temper tantrum

7/5/18 7:08 PM
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I would be so pissed too if a guy was sitting on me, laughing at me and totally not taking me with a SLIVER of seriousness while I'm trying to be a tough guy  Lol 

7/5/18 7:24 PM
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Really want to see the entire altercation. 


We have one video where Matt is mocking the drunk couple. No fight or physical confrentation there. 


A second video starting where Matt is in mount controling/subduing the guy.  


Where's the 3rd video to fill in the middle part?  That is probably the most exciting because if you look at the original video, there is clapping from people in the restaraunt which makes me believe the drunk guy was acting disorderly and Matt was a hero taking him down, which resulted in the clapping.  I WANT TO SEE THE TAKEDOWN.

7/5/18 7:36 PM
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Politically Incorrect -
ABCTT_sakurabas ear -


Why didn’t the much bigger friend just push his jackass of a friend outside? 

Awesome to see how calm he is in the face of such a dbag. 

Another example of the dissonance people have, people don’t realize the difference between that level of fighter and a normal jabroni. 

His friend was like....Ill just stand on his throat lol. 

7/5/18 8:38 PM
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crudz -

Cecil Peoples scored it 10-8 for the drunk.

The worst part isn't even that you think this stupid fucking joke is funny, it's that it was already posted and is somehow even less funny as a result. 

7/5/18 8:38 PM
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Lol he was just talking about the same type of situation where some dude got mouthy at another restaurant. Apparently the guy was about to spill beer on his kid and Matt called him out. Luckily for the drunk dude his buddy was like “I know who you are, I’m sorry” and controlled his friend.... but I suppose if you spend the majority of your time out to eat things will happen 

7/5/18 9:44 PM
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So Matt Serra finally got the match on with Mark Laimon