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I thought Kirik was going to bring back the original
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This again lol Phone Post
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RKing85 - 90% of MMA autobiographies are crap. The only good ones are Pulver's and Stann's. And let's be honest both of those books were good because of the non-MMA stuff in it.
Wasn't Shamrock's supposed to be good, too? Phone Post
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Ttt for me
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I think Kirik needs to search and find that thread individually and restore it
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Sean McCorkle - I think Kirik needs to search and find that thread individually and restore it

agreed, one of the best threads ever
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Yes - I remember being bored in work one day reading the original thread. It pretty much confirmed my suspicions that I hated Matt Hughes and wished voodoo on him.
1/29/13 4:33 PM
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Herring In A Fur Coat - 
Hocky Balboa -  Damn. Hughes makes Charles Bennett seem a little less "krazy."

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 O rly? I don't remember any mugshots of Hughes floating around.


some of the most demented people I know have never seen the inside of a jail
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In this bitch Phone Post
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Sean McCorkle is the man. Also if Clay Guida or his brother writes a book. Please review it also.
9/5/13 12:26 AM
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I went to tech school with an older lady that is for the same town where Hughes lives and told me he comes off a jackass.

Idk though lol. Phone Post 3.0
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The biggest question is who will do sean McCorkle book review?

We need supercalo back Phone Post
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Sub Phone Post 3.0
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Would love a link to ebook Phone Post
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Classic Phone Post 3.0
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Well done, sir. Much appreciated. Phone Post
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Sub for later Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 10:22 AM
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It just seems so hard to believe Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 10:22 AM
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Great post man. Personally ive never liked Matt.. the book just explains why hes such a douch! Phone Post 3.0
6/16/14 11:34 AM
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Interesting thread. I never saw this review originally and never read the book, but it sort of rings true for me and makes sense. I actually met Matt at a UFC after party one time several years ago - I wasn't hanging out with him - I was just at the party and able to observe Matt for the whole night (the party was in a hotel suite).

All I can say is the guy came off as a complete asshole in so many ways. I remember having a gut feeling that he was a total prick, but thinking I must be wrong b/c he seemed on TV like a decent, humble guy.

Well, it all makes so much more sense now.
6/16/14 11:39 AM
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Later Phone Post 3.0
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I wish OP would do this for all the books Phone Post 3.0