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6/22/18 6:34 PM
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He should review everyone's book holy shit,  how did I miss this lol

6/22/18 8:27 PM
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One of my favorite threads!  I actually had my wife get me this from the library the day this thread was posted. It was a good read for sure. 

6/22/18 9:57 PM
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Matt is a POS

6/22/18 10:24 PM
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Lolololol this thread was awesome.

6/22/18 10:29 PM
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Joe Area 609 - 

Matt is a POS

Fuck u have a good day. This thread needs to be retired at this point considering where he is at health wise in his life.
6/23/18 2:17 AM
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Matt is a POS

Fuck u have a good day. This thread needs to be retired at this point considering where he is at health wise in his life.

Shut up

6/23/18 6:01 AM
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this thread is dogshit! OP just copied my thread like a bitch.
6/23/18 6:48 AM
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McCorkle is hilarious.

I wish he did more stuff media wise like podcasts and such.


6/23/18 9:31 AM
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What is Corky up to these days? 

6/25/18 3:24 AM
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scarfacedave - this thread is dogshit! OP just copied my thread like a bitch.

so sean copied your thread so he didnt really do the review you do and he put his name on it?

6/25/18 4:30 AM
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I think it's safe to say I would have preferred to never have known about the book in the first place.

6/25/18 11:18 AM
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Jesus what a horrifc person he sounds like.

2/26/19 9:14 AM
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Thread to the motherfucking top.

2/26/19 9:25 AM
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It's hard to have a lot of sympathy for him right now. I know that's a cunty thing to say but oh well, deal.
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Damn the baby piglet part is straight out of a serial killer's Wikipedia page

2/26/19 12:46 PM
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Triple_B -

Damn the baby piglet part is straight out of a serial killer's Wikipedia page


2/26/19 12:56 PM
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Triple_B -

Damn the baby piglet part is straight out of a serial killer's Wikipedia page

thats a myth, like cold air making you sick

2/26/19 6:27 PM
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Thanks for bumping this - I missed it the first time around.

I never particularly liked Matt, but I didn't completely detest him either. His bible thumper character always shit me. The pig mutilation though... dude is just a straight up psycho/sociopath. 

Not difficult to see why life unravelled for him. 

2/26/19 6:34 PM
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I hope he becomes a better person. 

2/26/19 6:36 PM
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For all the people who were practically in tears when matt got hit by a train, and claimed to be his "biggest fan," should really read this book.  

I did,  years ago.  And let's just say I was NOT a fan afterwards..... Randy's book was kind of like that too,  but not nearly as bad as matt's.  

Matt Hughes,  morally,  is a piece of fucking shit. What was written in that book is the tip of the iceberg. Fact.  

Listen snowflake - I like Matt Hughes because he picked people up and dropped them on their fucking heads - not because I think he’s a saint.  This whole sport is filled with dirtbags and dickheads but I don’t care as long as they keep entertaining me for what I pay for.

You pay for it? Sucker.

Never read it - only clicked on this thread because I was hoping to get more updates on his recovery.

The only book worth reading is Chael’s because he rips on everybody in this sport.


Forrest's books were readable also.

ONly read Forrests first book. Loved it. Actually, I thought they were all readable. Basically written on a 5th grade level. Ive read Chuck, TIto, Forrest, Huges, COuture, and Penn. Enjoyed every read. Hughes is definitely the worst person of that group. 

Still wish him well in recovery, and hope that he comes out a much better person. 

Forrest himself explained the process of writing that book to me personally. It is entirely ghostwritten and just based on notes he dictated to a recorder. 

I enjoyed it and wasn’t expecting a sophisticated read.

2/26/19 8:11 PM
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2/26/19 11:12 PM
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How did I never see this thread? Good job, FP. LOL 

2/26/19 11:16 PM
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good to see this thread brought back up so new people can see it.
2/27/19 11:55 AM
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Fake Pie - I just bought a copy of Matt Hughes book, and am in 3 chapters already. It is borderline unbelievable. I figured from all the FRAT postings that not everyone on the UG is a big reader, so I'm doing you all a favour. I'm reading it for you and providing a synopsis, chapter by chapter. As astounding as some of this sounds, everything I post is actually in the book. Here it goes:

Chapter 1

Matt talks about growing up on a farm, and what repulsive little brats he and Mark were growing up. To this day, he thinks their childhood "mischief" like breaking shit all the time, being disobedient to their parents, and being cruel to animals is funny. After reading chapter one, you'll find yourself thinking, "Somebody should have beat those kids asses"

Chapter 2

Matt talks about how he and Mark virtually hated each other in jr. high, and high school. He also talks about how he was better, and smarter than Mark at everything.

Chapter 3

Things take a very interesting turn in chapter 3 when Mark and Matt's father has the balls to scold Mark for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Without letting him finish, the Hughes brothers, physically attack their father, and beat the shit out of him, finally showing him who's boss. Later Mark threatens to throw his mom out of a window or something like that when she's stupid enough to correct him. Not surprisingly the family splits up.

Chapter 4

Matt cheats his way through college getting A's in classes he proudly says he never attended. He and the other wrestlers bully everybody at Lincoln Junior College, and break a bunch of shit. They tip over people's cars, and flood the dorms on purpose. We reach a new low, when he also makes light of the fact that one of his college buddies could not read or write. He then takes time to bash Frank Trigg, saying that he "never became anything."

Later it gets even more disturbing when he describes mutilating a live baby piglet by cutting off it's testicles, and throwing them at a friend. For good measure he slits it's stomach open as it screams wildly to "freak his friend out." After he and Mark brutally torture and kill a dozen or so baby pigs, solely for entertainment, they starts throwing their testicles and body parts at each other. Matt even now still seems amused because his friend looked like he was going to vomit.

A family member shoots himself over a girl, and Matt skips the funeral decided to go to a wrestling meet instead. After getting drunk one night they take a bunch of girls "swimming" in some sort of pond/rain water/sewer runoff. There is a whirlpool that's formed in the sewage pond, and Matt and 2 other drunk college kids get caught in the current. Matt pulls himself out but the 2 other kids drowned. He talks about how God saved him.(apparently God hated the other 2 drunk college kids) They feel so sorry for the 2 kids that died, that the same night the go out and get drunk again, and look for girls. They end up at a house party, and are having no luck with the girls, so they started eating food from the cabinets and refrigerator. When confronted by the home's owner, they throw him through a window, and leave before the cops get there. Matt then starts fighting MMA and kicking everyone's ass easily. Pat Miletich refs one of Matt's fights, and is so impressed he invites him to train with them.

On a side note, for a guy who's disgusted by the language Serra uses, I've counted 14 curse words to this point in the book.

I forgot in Chapter 4, him and Mark both make-out with the same 8th grade girl while they are in college. Why he would include that I have no idea. It had nothing to do with the story.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is mostly uneventful, just talks about his first fight in Japan, and so on. He does manage to say "I would have done anything for a country breakfast in Japan" which did nauseate me momentarily. The end of the chapter starts picking up momentum when at Mark's wedding, the boys snub their dad, not allowing him in the family photos. Later, after getting completely plastered they beat the shit out of their new in-laws at the wedding reception, and the entire event turns into what Matt calls "A Battle Royal."

Chapter 6

This chapter should have been titled "I am such a badass." Matt misses no opportunity to pat himself on the back for his fights. He talks about steamrolling everybody. Later Matt shows his utter lack of character when he divulges that he guilt-tripped a fellow mitetich guy into letting him win a grappling match at the Abu Dhabis so he could get the bonus money for fastest submission. The guy fakes like Matt submitted him, earning Matt $1,500 for fastest submission. The way Hughes rationalized it was "The winner faced Tito Ortiz, and we both knew I was the only one that would have a chance against him." He admits Tito beat him in the grappling match, but remembers being surprised at how much stronger he was than Tito. He basically says Tito got lucky in beating him. More later on.

Chapter 7

Matt talks about how he and Jens Pulver used to belittle new members at the Miletich gym. He talks about how they both made fun of and ignored a fat kid who was seemingly in awe of them. That fat kid was Tim Sylvia. He talks about how the UFC temporarily released him "by mistake." He finished the chapter by divulging that he likes to eat at Hooters, and he knocked up the gym skank, who he describes as having "nice boobs, even though they were fake" and "her hips were a little too wide for his taste." Apparently not to wide to impregnate.

Chapter 8

Matt starts this chapter by sexually assaulting the aforementioned 8th grader, who's now 21, in public at a grocery store. Or "Smacking her on the ass" as he called it. Matt notices that her body is "tighter" now that she's grown up, and not the same 13 year old he'd made out with in college. For some reason Matt immediately tells her that he knocked his girlfriend up, and seems utterly outraged that she has decided she's
keeping the baby.

After making it back to her parents house he again begins fondling her on the couch by reaching through a hole in her jeans. He goes on to describe how he noticed she didn't shave her legs that day. (At this point I started to wonder if I mistakenly was reading Penthouse Forum or something.)

The story line changes out of nowhere and Matt begins describing how an opponent who he was mauling once whispered to him to "take the arm," or in other words, I've had enough, please just arm-bar me, and leave me a little dignity. Matt decided he wanted to "take out some more aggression", and continued to beat the shit out of him for another round.

Also, at the end of the chapter the victim of his sexual assault, for some reason I can't begin to fathom, breaks up with him.

came onto this post after doing a bit of research when i read about his wifes restraining order due to domestic violence allegations today. man, this is proper scary stuff. clearly signs of anti-social behaviour, or psychopath if you will. when you know a bit of psychology, these are the type of people who are overrepresented in school shootings and serial killers. makes you wonder if MMA attracts a lot of these types of people..

2/27/19 7:49 PM
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I was never a fan of McCorkle, but this was probably the greatest post of all time, not to mention book review. It still stands up after all these years. I remember dying with laughter after reading each chapter synopsis. He won me over that day. Kudos my man.