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Russian kickboxer Vladislav "Diamond" Tuinov, who currently competes for GLORY Kickboxing, has been nominated for the World Games Athlete of the Year award. The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) made the announcement on social media Thursday. French standout Jimmy Vienot is also a candidate for the honor.

Tuinov was nominated on the basis of his in-ring performances and the good sportsmanship he displayed at the WAKO World 2019 Senior Kickboxing Championship held in October in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the WAKO.

The 21-year-old was the winner of the -75 K-1 Rules Senior Men's Tournament. He won all five of his matches at the event, which was held between 19-27 October. Tuinov also received the award for Best Male Competitor in the Ring.

Vienot has also competed for GLORY in the past. The Frenchman is known as a world-class Muay Thai fighter, and won a world championship tournament this year in the 75 kg weight category to earn the nomination. He's also a two-time European champion, according to his bio on the World Games site.

Ukrainian karateka Stanislav Horuna was also nominated.

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Swayze Express -


-Justin Trudeau -150

-Andrew Scheer +150

-Turban Guy + 2000


Lol! Turban guy! 

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Kickboxing Z - That Liam Harrison KO in ONE Championship today was brutal!

Seriously! Im surprised they didnt call it off after the second knockdown from the elbow.

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Kickboxing Z caught up with fight commentator Daniel Austin to get his thoughts on the year in kickboxing.

When it comes to the international kickboxing scene, few journalists are as knowledgeable as Austin. The Pennsylvania-born commentator, who currently resides in Poland, travels all over Europe as part of his commentating duties for FightBox HD, KOK Fights TV, and the FEA organization. He's also the lead writer for the FightBox Blog, where fans can find articles, interviews, and event previews authored by Daniel.

Austin was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about his thoughts on the sport in 2019.

Kickboxing Z: Unfortunately for you, this is becoming an annual tradition :-). Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

Daniel Austin: It's my pleasure. I love what you're doing with KickboxingZ.

Kickboxing Z: I have to start with the Glory event held last month in The Netherlands. A crowd of over 30,000 in the stadium and impressive television numbers. Have you been able to catch a replay? Any thoughts on the event as a whole? I know you were busy that day commentating for Thunderstrike MMA in Poland but wondered if you caught the replay.

Daniel Austin: After the event, when I got back to the hotel, I watched the fight. It was nice to see such a massive event for kickboxing. People ask me and people talk about it all the time "How can kickboxing grow as a sport"? I think big events / fights like this are the way to get more eyeballs on the sport. Although the ending was undesirable, it also creates interest and a third fight is inevitable.

Kickboxing Z: The next question is a bit of a tough one. By your calculations, you called over 450 fights total from ringside in kickboxing, MMA, and boxing.

Is there a particular kickboxing fight that stands out as the best of the year for you? If so, why?

Daniel Austin: As far as kickboxing, there are two fights that stand out to me. The first is Alexandru Lungu vs. Satisch Jhamai from Colosseum Tournament 15. The combined weight of both fighters was over 300 kg (660 lbs) and fights like that are always amazing to watch.

The other is Lukasz Plawecki vs. Serghej Braun from Mix Fight Championship 27. I've never seen anyone take as much punishment as Plawecki in that fight! Braun was looking good and won the fight, but for me it was even more impressive just how tough Plawecki was.

Kickboxing Z: One of the craziest moments for me as a fan/writer took place during the KOK World Series event in Sakarya, Turkey, when the fans became angry and started throwing water bottles at the ring when a Turkish fighter was fouled.

You were there ringside. Was that your wildest moment of the year in kickboxing?

Daniel Austin: Turkish fans are very emotional and they support their countrymen 100%. The problem was not with the Russian fighter in my opinion, but with the referee. She was an old, decrepit woman in her 60's and she was slow to step in. The Russian guy looked at the ref to see if she was going to stop the fight after the Turkish guy claimed a low blow. The ref didn't act quickly enough, so the Russian fighter kicked the Turk while he was holding his groin and calling for a stoppage.

The crowd started rioting and throwing things towards the ring, especially water bottles. Some of them were still quite full. One of the bottles was flying through the air at about 100 km per hour and slammed into the Polish commentator's monitor. It sounded like a gunshot went off. When I turned around towards the crowd, I saw a wall of 10,000 infuriated fans all throwing things towards the ring. It was chaotic for a moment before security stepped in. When I say security, I mean army soldiers with machine guns. Once those guys stepped in, the crowd calmed down rather quickly LOL.

Kickboxing Z: Speaking of KOK, there is word of big plans this year. KOK President Donatas Simanaitis announced plans for Hamburg, Germany and Minsk, Belarus as new destinations for the promotion. I understand Erkan Varol and KOK are planning more shows in Turkey.

Can you give us any more info?

Daniel Austin: I think there will be over 20 events in 2020. There will probably be at least 15 major shows (called "KOK World Series") and several other events (called "KOK Fight Series) all over Europe and certain parts of Asia. For sure there will be a few events in Turkey, probably in the summer again. KOK will be expanding to several new countries this year. It should be exciting.

Kickboxing Z: You were in Lithuania for the 20th anniversary event. It looked really impressive watching at home with the video tribute and the girls and the fights themselves.

Daniel Austin: A 20 year anniversary for any fight promotion is a huge accomplishment. How many organizations are there active right now that can say that? Not many. I also feel that KOK is not recognized enough as being a major kickboxing organization. They had FIVE events in 2019 which had 10,000 fans or more in attendance! No other kickboxing organization in the world is doing that!! Not even Glory.

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Kickboxing Z: You spend a fair amount of time in Romania commentating and ring announcing for Colosseum Tournament and Golden Fighter Championship. Superkombat went on hiatus, but it seems like the sport is increasing in popularity there lately with a lot of organizations holding events with national and international broadcasts.

Daniel Austin: Romania is a hotbed for kickboxing at the moment. Colosseum Tournament had 7 events in 2019, more than any other promotion. They also managed to secure a fight with Daniel Ghita in 2019, which is huge. There is a lot of competition between the promotions and the fighters tend to bounce around from organization to organization. Business tends to be chaotic and unpredictable in Romania, but the events are always entertaining and memorable and the fights are high level. I love going there!

Kickboxing Z: I asked you this before, but do you see the Daniel Ghita-Catalin Morosanu fight taking place in the near future? I remember there was a large public demand for the fight, but for whatever reasons the parties couldn't make a deal.

Daniel Austin: I don't think this fight is going to happen. It's a pity, because if it did happen, I think it would be just as big, or even bigger than Rico vs. Badr if promoted correctly. There would be that much interest in Romania, believe me.

Kickboxing Z: Out of all the fighters you watched this year while commentating, is there one you would choose as your personal fighter of the year?

Daniel Austin: Regian Eersel. (Note: Eersel defeated Nieky Holzken twice last year and holds the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Title)

Kickboxing Z: Is there a funniest moment of 2019 you can recall?

Daniel Austin: Funny? I'm not sure about funny, but there were certainly many memorable moments from 2019. Adrian Maxim walking out of a tournament final after it was announced there would be an extra round, the fans almost rioting in Turkey, commentating for three events in three days (Romania - Germany - Romania), working at the iconic York Hall in London, working with guest commentators like Artur Kyshenko, Regian Eersel, Tarik Khbabez, Zabit Samedov and Peter Aerts, doing commentary for an MMA event where the venue was a circus, flying on 103 flights in one year, calling Mike Zambidis' comeback fight, commentating on a tag team MMA fight ... the list goes on and on. It was a great year!

Kickboxing Z: That's all the questions I have.

Is there anything else you'd like to say or anyone you'd like to thank?

Daniel Austin: First and foremost, I want to thank FightBox. They gave me my first opportunity to do professional commentary 10 years ago. I want to thank all the promoters I worked for who have confidence in my ability as a commentator. I also want to thank everyone else that makes these events possible, the unsung heroes, like the production teams - the directors, the camera men, the audio technicians, the lighting technicians, all the behind the scenes people. There's more work that goes into a combat sports event than people realize and these are the people that make it happen. And of course you. Keep up the good work!

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GLORY middleweight contender Yousri Belgaroui has parted ways with longtime trainer Michael "Big Mike" Passenier.

Passenier did a video interview with Veronica Fight, a YouTube channel affiliated with GLORY's Dutch broadcast partner Veronica TV.

Big Mike told the channel Belgaroui was unhappy with the amount of individual attention he received from Passenier, who trains a number of top fighters, including Badr Hari and former GLORY champions Murthel Groenhart and Serhii Adamchuk.

"'He (Yousri) said to me 'You're the best coach for me when you want to be. But sometimes, I'm in the group and I think it's not about me and I want more attention'," Passenier told Veronica Fight (translated).

Belgaroui, 27, is 7-4 in GLORY since debuting with the organization in October 2016. Two of his defeats are via stoppage to GLORY Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira, considered one of the best kickboxers in the world pound-for-pound.

In his last outing, the Dutch-Tunisian defeated hard-hitting newcomer Ulrik Bokeme by unanimous decision at GLORY 69: Dusseldorf.

The fighter posted a message on his Instagram account earlier today thanking Passenier.

"Big Mike thank you for everything. All blessings for you, your gym and your family," wrote Belgaroui.

1/18/20 10:31 AM
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There's no greater name in kickboxing than Japan's legendary K-1 organization. After a rough patch, the promotion has regrouped under new ownership with an emphasis on lighter weight categories and the Japanese domestic market.

For the past two years, K-1 has promoted huge annual events at the legendary Saitama Super Arena in March, and this year the organization is putting together another massive K'Festa event.

Three title bouts were made official today for K'Festa 3 taking place on 22 March:

K-1 Super Featherweight Champion Takeru meets ISKA 61 KG Champion Adam Bouarourou of Morocco in a double-title match. The winner will hold both belts.

Jordan "Shaggy" Pikeur, the Krush Super Welterweight titleholder fighting out of Mike's Gym in Amsterdam, challenges Yuta Kubo for the K-1 Welterweight Title.

In the other title bout, Anpo Rukiya defends the K-1 Super Lightweight (-65 kg) belt against Fukashi, who's held a number of titles in Japan.

More Champions Added

Today, the organization also announced four more champions for the event, with their opponents to be announced.

Kana Morimoto, who won the inaugural K-1 Women's Flyweight Title in a four-woman tournament last month, will see action at K'Festa 3.

Hard-hitting K-1 Featherweight Champion Yuki Egawa is also official. Egawa won the K-1 Yokohama GP eight-man tournament in November in devastating fashion with three first round stoppage wins. Two of the KOs were by body shots: a spinning back kick and the other was a left hook.

K-1 Super Bantamweight Champion Yuki Takei and the promotion's lightweight champion Kenta Hayashi will also compete at the event.

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Power punching Azerbaijani Elkhan Aliyev returns to London at the Immortal Champions: Spring Edition event taking place on 22 March at the Clapham Grand.

Alivev (11-1, 7 KOs) has looked sensational in recent appearances in the English capital. He's fought there three times and won all three fights by first-round knockout.

Aliyev stopped Kade Sherlock and Dominic Matusz, a high-ranked UK fighter, to win the four-man contender tournament held at KOK 58 in July 2018.

Last year, he returned at the Kavkaz Combat Promotions/KOK Fight Series event at the legendary York Hall. Aliyev stopped veteran Nathan Epps with a left hook to the body to continue his knockout streak.

The youngster was supposed to compete in a four-man lightweight tournament in France last November but withdrew because of injury.

"He had a rib injury in training, but he is well now. Elkhan was married in December," promoter and former world champion Hafiz Bakhshaliyev told Kickboxing Z.

Aliyev's opponent is to be announced.

The Ganja, Azerbaijan native trains under coach Elnur Salamov, himself a former high-level competitor and onetime member of the Azerbaijan national kickboxing team.

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Rico Announces End of Relationship
GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven announced his separation from longtime partner Jacky Duchenne on social media Monday.

Verhoeven and Duchenne were together for thirteen years, and the couple have three children from the relationship.

According to the fighter, with time the couple drifted apart.

“I’m very sad to say that my girlfriend Jacky and I decided to separate as a couple after 13 years,” Verhoeven wrote on social media.

“I’m still in love with our memories and the beautiful moments we’ve shared together. Unfortunately we grew apart over the years.”

“Although I very well understand that I’m a public figure, our three beautiful kids have not chosen for a public life. Therefore we want to keep this a private matter to give our family the best opportunity to adjust.”

Focus Affected for Collision 2
Verhoeven did an interview with Dutch publication De Telegraaf where he discussed the breakup and how it affected his title defense against Badr Hari at GLORY Collision 2 last December.

According to Rico, there was a tense moment in the dressing room when Duchenne paid her traditional visit to wish the fighter good luck. Rico told the newspaper he almost lost his composure.

“Why did I feel the tears? Everything came together; the sadness, the anger, the frustration of all those months before,” he said.

“It is about someone with whom you have shared so much of your life and with whom you now have so much battle. That hurts. My trainer saw it, grabbed me and I had to swallow a few times.”

The fighter said he didn’t have complete focus when he faced Badr that evening. Rico was knocked down twice and was behind on points but prevailed by third-round TKO after Hari suffered an ankle injury.

“My body was there, but my mind was not. I did what we had trained for, but not with the timing and movements that were discussed,” he said.

2/18/20 5:38 PM
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GLORY Kickboxing officially revealed the finalized fight card for GLORY 75 today.

GLORY 75 takes place on the “Leap Year Day” of 29 February at the Central Studios in the Dutch city of Utrecht. It’s the second visit to the venue by GLORY. GLORY 65 took place at Central Studios last year, and featured Alex Pereira’s successful title defense against Jason Wilnis.

The fight card consists of twelve bouts total, including three preliminary matches, five Superfight Series contests, and then the GLORY 75 main card. GLORY World Featherweight Champion Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao of Thailand defends his crown for the fourth time in the evening’s main event against former champion Serhii Adamchuk.

Here is the official press release from the GLORY organization.

GLORY Press Release:

Amsterdam – The card for GLORY 75 UTRECHT is now finalized with the addition of newcomer Bowie Zonneveld to the headline bout of the Preliminary Card, where he replaces China’s Gaofeng Meng against Spain’s Antonio Campoy (20-2-4, 4 KO’s).

Zonneveld (3-3) fights out of the long-established Team Spirit in Beverwijk, Netherlands and rides a two-fight win streak into this short-notice GLORY debut.

GLORY 75 UTRECHT takes place at Central Studios, Utrecht, Netherlands on Saturday, February 29.

World featherweight champion Petchpanomrung (163-36-3, 27 KO’s) headlines the card, traveling from Bangkok, Thailand to defend his title belt against former champion Serhii Adamchuk (40-11, 15 KO’s), from Ukraine but fighting out of Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam.

In the co-headline bout, Moroccan welterweight fight-finisher Hamicha (38-2, 28 KO’s, ranked #3) and Russian power-puncher Dmitrii Menshikov (23-2, 18 KO’s, ranked #4) face off.

That bout is preceded by a middleweight clash between two-time title challenger Yousri Belgaroui (26-6, 13 KO’s, ranked #2), representing Tunisia, and Jakob Styben (16-2, 7 KO’s, ranked #6) of Germany and the card-opening lightweight contest between top contender Tyjani Beztati (19-4, 6 KO’s, ranked #2), representing Morocco, and rising threat Michaël Palandre (30-3, 12 KO’s, ranked #10) of France.

On the five-fight Superfight Series card, which forms the middle portion of the evening, former welterweight champion Harut Grigorian (48-12, 33 KO’s), of Belgium by way of Armenia, faces the UK’s Jamie Bates (26-7, 3 KO’s, ranked #9) and former super-bantamweight champion Anissa Meksen (99-5-0, 32 KO’s) travels from France to face South Korea’s Jiwaen Lee (25-4, 6 KO’s).

That card also hosts Lithuanian light-heavyweight Sergej Maslobojev (31-5, 20 KO’s, ranked #10) against the Netherland’s Roël Mannaart (26-2, 13 KO’s), and France’s Guerric Billet (32-4, 14 KO’s) against Poland’s Artur Saladiak (20-8-2, 8 KO’s).

The Superfight Series card opens with a previously-announced bout between Brazil’s Bruno Gazani (65-6-1, 33 KO’s) and welterweight champion Cédric Doumbé’s training partner Mohammed Hendouf (36-6-1, 8 KO’s), fighting out of Belgium.

Prior to that, the Preliminary Card features Dutch veteran Lorena Klijn (29-12, 4 KO’s) facing off with Russia’s Almira Tinchurina, who is parlaying a 22-4, 1 KO amateur record into this professional debut, before newly-signed South Korean featherweight Sijun Jin (19-7-1, 10 KO’s) faces Germany’s Vincent Foschiani (7-5, 5 KO’s), who is making his second appearance under the GLORY banner.

Tickets for GLORY 75 UTRECHT are on sale now via GloryKickboxing.com

The complete card is as follows:

Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020
Central Studios, Utrecht

Main Card (21:00 CET / 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT)

Petchpanomrung (THA) vs Serhii Adamchuk (UKR)
World Featherweight Championship Bout (143 lbs / 65 kgs)

Hamicha (MOR) vs. Dmitrii Menshikov (RUS)
Welterweight Bout (170 lbs / 77 kgs)

Yousri Belgaroui (TUN) vs. Jakob Styben (GER)
Middleweight Bout (187 lbs / 85 kg)

Tyjani Beztati (MOR) vs. Michaël Palandre (FRA)
Lightweight Bout (154 lbs / 70 kg)

Superfight Series Card (19:00 CET / 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT)

Harut Grigorian (ARM) vs. Jamie Bates (UK)
Welterweight Bout (170 lbs / 77 kg)

Sergej Maslobojev (LIT) vs. Roël Mannaart (NL)
Light-Heavyweight Bout (209 lbs / 95 kg)

Anissa Meksen (FRA) vs. Jiwaen Lee (KOR)
Super-bantamweight Bout (122 lbs / 55.3 kg)

Guerric Billet (FRA) vs. Artur Saladiak (POL)
Lightweight Bout (154 lbs / 70 kg)

Mohammed Hendouf (MOR) vs. Bruno Gazani (BRA)
Lightweight Bout (154 lbs / 70 kg)

Preliminary Card (17:30 CET / 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT)

Bowie Zonneveld (NED) vs. Antonio Campoy (SPA)
Featherweight Bout (143 lbs / 65 kg)

Vincent Foschiani (GER) vs. Sijun Jin (KOR)
Featherweight Bout (143 lbs / 65 kg)

Lorena Klijn (NED) vs. Almira Tinchurina (RUS)
Super-bantamweight Bout (122 lbs / 55.3 kg)
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headed to Singapore tomorrow for this....
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McSweeney vs Zabit Samedov April 11th

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Moroccan kickboxing legend Badr "Bad Boy" Hari will make his ring return on 20 June in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. GLORY Kickboxing announced the news today.

Hari's opponent will be announced at the GLORY 75 event taking place on 29 February at the Central Studios in Utrecht.

The ticket pre-sale for Hari's return will begin the same day as the announcement-29 February.

The match will be held at the Rotterdam Ahoy, the same venue where Hari fought his rematch against Hesdy Gerges at GLORY 51 in March 2018.

The bout will be Hari's first since he suffered an ankle injury against Rico Verhoeven at GLORY: Collision 2 last December. Hari lost the bout via third-round TKO when he couldn't continue.

More info when it becomes available.
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Bryan72 - 

headed to Singapore tomorrow for this....

good luck!
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Kickboxing Z -
Bryan72 - 

headed to Singapore tomorrow for this....

good luck!


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Im in Bangkok, going to hit one of the stadiums on Sunday, probably Rajademnern.

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Bryan72 -

headed to Singapore tomorrow for this....

Can't wait for this . Go Janet !!!