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FUCK YEAH BRYAN! congratulations to you and the CHAMP! 

2/28/20 11:46 AM
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Went to the Channel 7 Staidum in Bangkok last sunday, awesome experience.


The fight start at 2:30pm Sunday afternoon and entrance is free, although you msut show up wearing a shirt or polo shirt and trousers or jeans, no tshirts or shorts allowed.  The level of fight is good and they are well matched for the most part.  The place gets absolutely packed and the gambling is rampant, in the lower levels around the ring.  Would definitely recommend to anyone in Bangkok.

2/28/20 12:00 PM
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FUCK YEAH BRYAN! congratulations to you and the CHAMP! 


2/28/20 12:00 PM
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Janet Todd ???? edges out Stamp Fairtex ????

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Posted by ONE Championship on Friday, February 28, 2020

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with the hardware
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They've got a lot of good content

Seriously! Too bad it seems to be an abandoned channel and they haven't uploaded anything in over a year. Luckily there is so much that I haven't made my way through it all yet.

You have an amazing amount of old school fights on your channel as well. If I may ask a few questions for when you have time to answer. One, I have always wondered where you have all these fights? Are they all on VHS and you transfer them to YouTube? And if you dont mind, what are some of your favorite fights? I'd like to look them up if they are new to me. I'm always trying to catch up on the Golden Age since I obviously missed it all.

Most of my stuff is on vhs, I haven't uploaded much lately because my vcr broke!  Favorite fights....man, that's tough.  So many....lately I've been fascinated by a fighter named Chandej (or Chandet) 

Been watching as much of Chadej as I can find. He is amazing. If I remember correctly you posted a video or round where he controls the fight with switch kicks or a lead kick. Which fight was that or am is misremembering?