UnderGround Forums NICK DIAZ vs BEN ASKREN is the right fight to do.

5/21/19 5:51 PM
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Honestly surprise Ben hasnt called out Nick since this post & since his arrival & win on the UFC.

I feel & I shouldbe alone feeling this that this fight is bigger than GSP vs Askren, because that fight either ends in decision or jabs by GSP.

Ben vs Nick? Fascinating, perhaps THE MOST fascinating specialists fight that could be done.

Bens wrestling & takedowns & relentlessness vs Nicks boxing & submissions & agressiveness.

Sh*t, if Im Ari or Dana Id throw 1 million for both guys & then earn 2 million PPV at least.

Why it would earn 2 mil PPV? Nick commands the masses & Ben commands the elitist / niche guys, combine both & you got a blockbuster.

F*ck GSP & his boring everything & cowardice & ducking.

5/21/19 6:30 PM
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Nick would never sign to fight a guy that would just take him down at will. 

5/21/19 6:56 PM
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Nick diaz has finished more tequilla bottles than workouts in the last year, he's not fighting anybody.
5/21/19 7:10 PM
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I'll catch hell for this but why does anyone still give a fuck about this guy?  Hes been irrelevant for nearly a decade.  He talks shit from the sidelines and ducks fights because of the pay.  He was entertaining when he actually fought but GSP starched him and that was that.  He came back years later and fought Anderson and lost.  His last win was against BJ Penns corpse @ 170 8 years ago.  He was the equivalent of Carlos Condit who looks 2-3 steps behind the top tiered guys now.  I cant imagine Nick doing anything impressive other than a cherry picker opponent who will stand and bang.  And no one in the top 20 with something to lose are going to do that to because most of these guys still fight for the love of the sport.    Guys like Till, Masvidal and Wonderboy would pick him apart.  Lawler would likely kill him.   Woodley, assuming he shows up, would knock him out.  Ben would ragdoll him for 3-5rds easily.  

Edited: 5/22/19 4:40 AM
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If Nick were to come back and fight again I'd rather see him vs a striker since realistically it might be Nick's last fight. We already know what the wrestlers at 170 will do to him. Diaz vs Masvidal after he loses to Ben would be great.

5/22/19 8:35 AM
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I love the Diaz brothers especially Nick and I really hope he fights again but Ben would toy with him and hold top position while GnPing him the whole fight. 


Bad fight for Nick.

5/22/19 9:20 AM
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Lol Ben destroys diaz with ease. Might even tap him these days.

5/22/19 9:37 AM
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Nick's TINY chance of ever fighting again died with the ESPN deal.  

5/22/19 3:50 PM
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maybe Ben could find whatever club Nick's shit-faced in on a given night and attack him

5/22/19 4:58 PM
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1) Ben should fight Lawler again. That fight just needs to re-play.

2) However, I am not upset that they are throwing him at Usman because that fight also is a killer that I would love to see.

3) I would also like to see Funky fight Nick Diaz. Ben loves to fight from the top, Diaz has no problem fighting off his back. It would be a great fight IMO. Diaz has better stand up but Ben has better take downs. I think this fight should happen at some point.

5/22/19 7:50 PM
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Boom Boom Mancino - 

maybe Ben could find whatever club Nick's shit-faced in on a given night and attack him

Yeah, he's been footing the bill for a bunch of hangers on that he parties and lives with, its sad. Nick is a shell of his former self these days.
5/22/19 8:29 PM
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rushinbear - NO

this....terrible matchmaking


5/23/19 1:47 PM
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Nick hasn't wona fight in 8 years dude.

Last person he beat was BJ Penn.

5/23/19 1:58 PM
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Tough task. Sober life former Olympic athlete vs. someone that's in shape, but probably partying too hard and has been inactive. I'm a big Nick Diaz fan and do think this is a great fight, particularly because Diaz' BJJ could make for exciting scrambles with his ground game and enigmatic exchanges in the trash talk. Nick can push the pace if he's not being simply held down in guard and Ben doesn't do that, he passes guard.
5/23/19 2:09 PM
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Remember the way Nick held down and crushed Tibau. Khabib couldn't take Tibau down.




Diaz bros. deserve credit. They're innovators. Nate Diaz was submitting Ryan Hall in competition. Look at Nick's leglock game above, he was ahead of the curve.


5/23/19 2:09 PM
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