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25 days ago
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Rabid Bunyip - 
RKing85 - ......

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Gandhi - 

They should do BJ vs Kron.

That'd be pretty cool cause they both have the same style, Boxing and BJJ.

Krons BJJ is sharper but better suited for BJ than a leg lock specialist like Hall.

except Penn is 10 years passed his prime and should never fight again
25 days ago
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Winston Wolf -
VoodooChicken - 
Winston Wolf - anyone who wants to see Penn fight again is no fan of the sport he hasnt won in 9 years or so

Why does it matter how long it has been since he won? I don't understand this mentality.

thats why im a real fan and your not.Penn has gotten utterly destroyed in about 7 fights in a row He is a shell of his former self He can and will get hurt He does not need to fight so u can see him get destroyed for yo9ur entertainment

Here comes the real fan. 

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Kimbo slice

25 days ago
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Renan Barao is a good match. Make that fight and cut the loser.

24 days ago
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BJ vs Nick Diaz at 185
24 days ago
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Image may contain: one or more people and people standingakaImage may contain: one or more people and people standing

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Fallon Fox

24 days ago
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Bruce Buffer.

24 days ago
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Mark Dellagrotte

24 days ago
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graciesrule - I don’t know if BJ can win but I’d like to see him fight Alex Caceres


24 days ago
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BrckNoHitBk -
VoodooChicken -

Garbrant imo. He has basically zero wrestling/submissions and he's not a great kicker. He has great boxing and bj has great fundamentals and could catch Cody, especially if Cody is trying to be flashy. 50/50 imo

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