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5/22/19 12:38 PM
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Why was he sued by Pancrase and then declared bankrupcty?
5/22/19 3:48 PM
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Watched it this morning, thought it was really well done and gave proper respect to one of the first teams in MMA


5/22/19 5:00 PM
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A great team for sure but the training methods didn't make for guys who can last. Looka t the physical issues for most of them. 

But props for making MMA something that we all loved.

5/22/19 7:12 PM
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In for later 

5/25/19 11:27 AM
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Sportmaster - Why was he sued by Pancrase and then declared bankrupcty?

Breach of contract because he was focusing more and more on the UFC after he won the Superfight Title. Hence why Masakatsu Funaki stops showing up in his corner after awhile.
5/25/19 12:38 PM
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Card -

Haha... One of the best MMA pics of of all time.  Ken Shamrock is probably the greatest unintentional comedian the sport has ever seen.

5/25/19 6:06 PM
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Sportmaster - Why was he sued by Pancrase and then declared bankrupcty?

The real question is why are you bringing this up completely out of the blue? You've brought it up in the past as well.

Ken and Mr Funaki (who owned Pancrase) both speak highly of each other presently.

There are two sides to the story I am sure. I've heard some things Ken said he went through while in Pancrase that didn't sound too good, and likely could have been actionable legally.

If you are implying that Ken wronged the Pancrase organization, was sued, found guilty, and forced to pay to the point of bankruptcy- with the lawsuit being the only thing that made him bankrupt- then please tell us the whole story. I would love an (unbiased) account for historical purposes.

Nothing wrong with having the info, but it seems strange that after all these years it would control your emotions to this extent. Especially seeing as how you probably (?) weren't associated in any significant way with Pancrase at the time.

Hell, if you are the US rep for Pancrase, then if anything you should be happy Funaki-san and Ken split apart. That allowed others in the US to come in and fill that spot that Ken had.