UnderGround Forums Nick Diaz dropped while sparring

8 days ago
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hopefully this shuts these delusional abrasive Diaz fanboys the fuck up, once and for all. I was calling it from the start, that sadly, that was Nick. The person in question looked nothing like Flores. That was just the Diaz fanboy defense force trying to pin that on any random name they could, to take the heat off Nick. Who ever released that footage still did a shitty thing toward Nick though 

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people but everyone left the thread.  Marco Flores denies it twice in the comments.  

8 days ago
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Face looks like Diaz but the reactions don't look like him to me

7 days ago
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TTT for answers 

7 days ago
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Nick is in bad shape, he's pretty much been boozing around the clock for a good 5-6 months, he's always with different hangers on at various night spots and hotels, thats why i tend to believe that could be him.