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5/23/19 7:47 AM
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Conor is ranked #3 and has not won a fight in three years.

Gillespie is ranked #11 and is 5-0 in the same time Conor has gone without a win.


If you needed another reason UFC rankings are dogshit.....


I don't know anyone who respects them.

Competition matters my guy. Gillespie is a beast for sure, but his best win was against Yancy Medeiros. Conor just lost to potentially the #1 p4p fighter on the planet.

Of course comp matters. That is why I said the fightmatrix rankings are great, they measure strength of wins and loses.

That is why Gillespie is ranked, because he is fighting and winning.

Conor has not been winning and is very inactive. He is not ranked, neither is Diaz.

5/23/19 9:54 AM
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Charles Oliveira is now ranked #11 by UFC.
5/23/19 11:01 AM
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Raging Al or Barboza should be his next fight imo 

Both are bigger names that I could definitely see him beating. 

5/23/19 11:41 AM
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Charles Oliveira vs Al Iaquinta would rock!
5/23/19 4:11 PM
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Yeah agree completely OP, he gets wins usually and hes on a win streak. He should be top7 at the very least. They keep giving him people hes already fought, so it doesn't make sense. They need to give him someone in the top5-7, he keeps beating all of the lower contenders.
5/25/19 9:50 AM
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Top ten guy would be great.
5/26/19 1:37 AM
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  Charles vs Ortega

5/26/19 1:38 AM
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I agree. I feel like he's been so good for so long and hasn't been given the chance to get in there against someone that could rocket him toward a title shot. I'd imagine this wiln tonight will give him some fuel to demand a huge name for his next fight that would put him into position for either a title eliminator, or a title fight, in under a years time. 

That division is so backed up because of the size of the talent pool, the Conor shit, the Khabib shit, the Ferg injuries.

Its complicated but for sure in other divisions he would have had an easier time to climb the ladder.

So true. He fought at 145 before, his rise would probably be quicker there. Bouncing between divisions when your not a star is like starting all over at a new job, unfortunately. 

Him vs T-City

5/26/19 8:47 AM
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5/26/19 9:29 AM
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In jail apparently??

5/27/19 9:10 AM
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Charles Oliveira, not Cowboy Oliveira.
5/27/19 9:28 AM
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Oliveira's starting to remind me of Tony Ferguson in some ways. Never miss a fight of his.
5/27/19 9:43 AM
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mata_leaos - Oliveira's starting to remind me of Tony Ferguson in some ways. Never miss a fight of his.

If Tony where to lose the Cowboy fight, I would love to see Tony vs Oliveira nest... Tony coming off an L, Oliveira coming off a five fight win streak, would make perfect sense to me and could be a real interesting fight.
5/28/19 9:21 AM
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Tony vs Oliveira would be awesome.