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5/30/19 4:46 PM
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Watched it the day it came out.  Think for MMA fans and fans of his, it was fine.  Definitely tough for someone that doesn't know the inside jokes, who Joey Diaz and Eddie Bravo, or any things like that. I always enjoy seeing companies like Showtime double down on a niche like combat sports tho. 

5/30/19 4:48 PM
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VoodooChicken -

Can you believe how much pressure he must of felt to not fuck up? He is still new to this and already has a special. No matter what friendships or whatever you think, he is owning shit. Once he gets more comfortable you will see him change a bit but for his limited experience in stand-up he is doing very well for himself. 


Why hate on a guy trying to provide for his family anyway he can?

Or he could wait until hes ready before releasing a special......


Its not like he was struggling and the netflix $ saved him 

5/30/19 4:48 PM
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Fern 10th Planet -

"Go back to fighting. You're not using your brain anyway."



Lol! The special definitely had a sympathetic we are rooting for you, make a wish vibe. 

5/30/19 5:25 PM
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Morgz -
Jump Kick - 

I begrudgingly turned on the latest Rogan with Schaub as a guest to hear them discuss the special. Brendon is clearly hurting from all of the negative reactions. Despite everything, I started feeling bad for him. Then he started bragging about his new Ferrari and his $22,000 watch.

Also of note was Joe calling out Schaub and other car owners on wanting exclusive cars that other people can’t get, then Schaub calling out Rogan for doing the same with his cars, and Joe defending himself by stating that his motivation is different, he likes his custom cars because nobody else can have them, they are unique !!!??? 

Do you remember when in that podcast they discuss the special?  I heard some very brief comments at the very beggining, but then I turned it off.  Was there more later on?



Schaub starts be saying he is binge eating because of the stress he’s feeling over the special. Pizza every night, in a funk. Rogan says he’s stressed and making poor decisions. Joe says he stays offline after specials for weeks because the online criticism. Schaub says he attracts so many eyeballs that he attracts more hate. Joe laughs at Schaub for doing press for his special. Schaub gets annoyed and says Joe doesn’t need press and he does. Brendon says he doesn’t want Rogan or Callen or showtime to be embarrassed. Joe says he’s proud of him. Joe says he would have said not to do the special had he asked. Joe asks when the next special is and Brendon says 4 years. Then Brendon interrupted Joe and said he didn’t mean to interrupt and then kept talking.

Joe says there’s no way you’re not going to be terrible when you’re flailing around as a white belt comedian.


5/30/19 6:54 PM
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Thanks jump kick

5/31/19 5:56 AM
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Morgz -

Thanks jump kick

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