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6/16/19 4:46 PM
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Despite getting knocked out by a guy without a Wikipedia page; I think Pico is a bad match up for Khabib. Pico has the wrestling to stop Khabibs takedowns and the explosive striking to knock Khabibs awkward goofy ass unconscious. This isn’t really a testament to how great Pico is but more so how overrated and 1 dimensional Khabib is. 

Khabib is a cherry picker who got an undeserved title shot against a champ he matches up well against (who also happens to be a featherweight). Once he finally faces someone who isn’t tailor made for him he will get demolished (just like overrated Woodley who was recently exposed).

Conor is a much better fighter than Khabib. 

6/16/19 4:50 PM
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Let it go dude

6/16/19 4:56 PM
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Wow dude 

6/16/19 5:00 PM
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OP with another solid post, 100% agreed.

6/16/19 6:44 PM
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You might not be wrong about Pico lol

6/16/19 6:52 PM
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andrewwarner - 

You might not be wrong about Pico lol

I agree with this...but the rest of OPs post is bat-shit crazy talk.
6/16/19 7:11 PM
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picture of OP typing out this thread
6/16/19 9:14 PM
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Khabib might literally kill him.

6/16/19 10:47 PM
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Khabib by molestation...
6/16/19 10:48 PM
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He’s getting knocked out at 145 and you think he would beat the best at 155...?

6/16/19 11:07 PM
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Strong post bro. You make a great case for all your points. No can defend.

6/16/19 11:51 PM
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Spot on OP

6/17/19 12:17 AM
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You need to be more subtle.

6/17/19 12:17 AM
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Stu Cazzo -

He’s getting knocked out at 145 and you think he would beat the best at 155...?

No, he doesn't believe that.

6/17/19 3:56 AM
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I think you need to stop making posts, take a six month break, re-evaluate yourself then try again. 

6/17/19 8:36 AM
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Stu Cazzo -

He’s getting knocked out at 145 and you think he would beat the best at 155...?



So sad.. 


Grasping. Reaching. Clawing. Hoping... This guy can do it. No this guy can do it. 


Thank god for pathetic fucks like this though, I think Khabib would've faded into obscurity if these guys didnt keep bringing him up. /sarcasm


6/17/19 10:05 AM
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Khabib just beat Conor standing.  I doubt Pico is better than Conor..

6/17/19 12:13 PM
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Pico is 22 years old with no chin.


He's fucked.

6/17/19 12:27 PM
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aaron pico would get killed just by frankie edgard ( even cejudo I believe beat  pico ) , just imagine what khabib would do...

6/17/19 1:35 PM
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aww OP wants attnetion and is twolling
6/17/19 6:31 PM
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OPs a good crack ain’t he 

6/17/19 8:23 PM
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6/17/19 8:24 PM
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6/17/19 8:59 PM
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If Pico doesn't get clipped he can beat anyone. same as overeem. He could beat Khabib I don't think he is the guy with lesser skill. He is just too inexperienced that's why I would go with Khabib.

But anyone that completely counts out Pico is even more retarded than OP. 

6/18/19 12:40 AM
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Are you really still this upset?