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Brother Ahmed showed great maturity and restraint in a tight situation.

I find it hard to believe he was really shaken by the ordeal being the bad ass he is but I wish him well none the less and he is in my prayers. 

Praise to brother Ahmed 

12 days ago
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Hi Ahmed 

12 days ago
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Thread of the year so far imo

12 days ago
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May his goat pasture be forever plentiful, alhamdudingdangdoowah.

12 days ago
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I remember when trolls were smooth and somewhat ambiguous.

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Allah Ahmed 

12 days ago
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Ahmed's curried ass pussy smells worse than the sweaty ballsack of his uncle's prized stud camel, ya ibn al sharmouta.

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Ahmed is a gangster don't fuck him or he will end your career

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Jones right nostril -

Legs of a warrior, check out the bruising on his knees from caving some unfortunate souls head in earlier that day. Definitely no skipping leg day for him.

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Shoul have hit Conor with the pearl river plunge