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Haiku/Meng was considered by pretty much everyone as the guy you never EVER messed with.


I've met him and have a former connection to wrestling and all have said he's the nicest guy in the world.

Back in the day bars/ alcohol and a local "tough guy " were the problem ( for the other guys)


Never heard about him shooting in the ring on anyone.

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Perry Saturn vs Mike Bell


It's about 2:20 in, Mike fucked up a move and Perry made him pay.

Pretty unprofessional from Perry. Yes it was a fuck up but Perry completely losing his cool and deliberately trying to hurt Bell is bullshit. 

RIP Mad Dog, too.
8/14/19 11:02 AM
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Tom cruise is a bad ass in movies. He sure acts tough. Do you think he's a tough guy in the real world?


few examples of shit can be found in any profession. Should we do a count of all the classy mma fighters who are in prison?  The point is, you can define a business by a few examples

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It depends on the wrestler.  Cain is a pro rassler now, not to mention Brawk and Kurt Angle.  I think for the most part tho they suffer from a good case of delusion and roid rage.  Even CM Punk was deluded enough to try his hand at MMA, and not jut MMA, but UFC.  Mike Jackson is an absolute bum but he styled on Punk, who has no athkletic ability, is basically a male ballerina and actor, but thought he could fight because he acted the part of a fighter in his male TS soap opera for Vince.

Ballerinas actually have athletic talent. Punk was one of the least athletic guys in a WWE ring. He was slow, had zero explosive speed or power, was uncoordinated and he couldn't jump high. That said, his mic work is one of the best of all time. 

His body was pretty shot by the time he made it to the WWE.  His ring work back in RoH was much better.

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John Morrison supposedly doing nothing while Batista was screwing his mrs Melina is a good one

He is a legitimate cuck. There is photo/video evidence.

What evidence?

Multiple wrestlers have done interviews where they've talked about this. Val Venis said one time in a locker room Batista basically groping and making out with Melina while Morrison was in the corner pretending nothing was happening lol 


That's not photo/video evidence


Yes but it is eye witness testimony that would hold up in a court of law should Johnny ever decide to sue Dave for brutally cuckolding him and ending his career :D


they are pro wrestlers, nothing they say would hold up in court.
8/14/19 2:56 PM
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Perry Saturn vs Mike Bell


It's about 2:20 in, Mike fucked up a move and Perry made him pay.

Pretty unprofessional from Perry. Yes it was a fuck up but Perry completely losing his cool and deliberately trying to hurt Bell is bullshit. 


I always thought it was a pussy move to shoot on a guy when he's expecting you to work with him and protect each other.

Mistakes happen.


In a shoot interview years later, he was shown the match and regretted it.


8/14/19 5:07 PM
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what about 225lbs Shawn Micheals shooting on 450lbs Big Van Vader in the main event at the 1996 SummerSlam?

Vader was down, and Micheals was coming off the top rope. Vader was supposed to move outta the way, but didn't.

So Micheals took the liberty to kick Vader in the head, while we was on his back. Even took the time to yell, audibly on camera, "You're supposed to move!!" before delivering a second stomp to Vader's forehead.

8/14/19 6:09 PM
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Nobody can fuck with New Jack

8/14/19 6:11 PM
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Broadway Joe - Nobody can fuck with New Jack

About half the roster of any org could imo. 

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 Cornette is a must listen for wrestling stories

8/15/19 1:13 AM
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After watching the video, it wasn't that bad. He kicked him in the face a few times and hit him with a few forearms. It didn't look any worse than hard sparring in a fight gym.


8/15/19 7:02 AM
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I'm still interested in what Jack Swagger can actually do in the cage.  People can talk a lot of shit on one side of the fence or the other but they should put him in there with a real heavy once he's got the training.

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Bob Holly works stiff. He'll take whatever he's giving out. He gave the kid a damn bloody lip and the kid starting crying and talking about how he might quit the business. Fucking waaaaah. 

It's pretty well consensus opinion that Sparky Plug took it too far (esp against a rookie) and was being a dick just because he could.

And to my recollection, Cappotelli never talked about quitting as a result of Holly being a dick. When he left pro-wrestling, it was because he had brain cancer. He ended up dying last year.

RIP Matt Cappotelli

Consensus among who? Because in the wrestling industry, it was a non-issue. The conversation in the WWE office was "Bob stiffed one of the kids on Tough Enough? Oh.......alright what's for lunch?" 


If you're crying that you got a boo boo in the ring, you don't need to be there. 

You pretending to know the conversations in a wwe office LOL

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BS, maybe new wrestlers with no background in freestyle or greco, but old school wrestlers were tough as shit. Tougher than 90% of the population.
You think you are going to roll up on Haku with your berimbolo bullshit and not get beat down and perhaps maimed?

8/16/19 11:03 PM
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 Cornette is a must listen for wrestling stories

I probably have 5GB of Cornette interviews and I'm not even a big pro wrestling fan. His Vince Russo burial is the funniest shit ever 

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For his size, in his day NOBODY was tougher than Danny Hodge. Not only won the NCAA wrestling title without giving up a single point, went on with zero experience to win the National Golden Gloves, undefeated as a pro boxer, Olmpian in wrestling, unbelievable tendon strength in his hands - made the "watermelon challenge" look like child's play. This guy bent large pipe wrenches and snapped pliers. At age 75 he could still crush an apple with either hand. He ran his car off a cliff into a ravine one night after falling asleep. It was over 150 ft. down. The car was submerged in a ravine upside down. Danny smashed all his teeth to shreds, had a huge cut, a bad concussion, a broken wrist and a freaking broken neck. So he punches out the windshield, swims out of the ravine with his good arm while holding his broken neck in place with his broken wrist. Climbs up the embankment still holding his neck in place, and starts walking until a trucker picks him up. Now that's bad ass! He was also a professional wrestler after all his amateur competition. The highest honor an amateur wrestler can win , like the Heisman is called the Hodge Award - that is not a coincidence... and that my friends is not a pussy! If MMA were around in his day he would have ruled, he could take you down or knock you out. Break your bones or submit you with a simple grip and was tougher than hell. A super intelligent and wonderful guy as well. He worked with some of my wrestlers at a camp. Dude is a true legend. 

8/17/19 1:11 AM
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Lars Sullivan ain't no pussy