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UFC commentator Joe Rogan was very impressed by Dustin Poirier’s TKO victory over former two-division champion Conor McGregor.

Poirier met McGregor in the main event of UFC 257 on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. The lightweight bout was a rematch of a 2014 featherweight contest, which McGregor won by first-round knockout. In the end, Poirier evened the score with the Irishman, chopping him down with a series of calf kicks and knocking him out with punches in the second-round.

Rogan was not on duty for UFC 257, having reduced his commentary commitments to pay-per-views on US soil, but was evidently tuned in to watch the event.

Like pretty much everybody else who watched, he was blown away by Poirier’s performance against McGregor, and views the American as the “uncrowned champ” if the division’s reigning king Khabib Nurmagomedov sticks to his retirement plans.


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“A tremendous congratulations to Dustin Poirier for his spectacular victory last night,” Rogan wrote of Poirier after UFC 257. “At 155 [pounds] he is absolutely one of the most fierce fighters on earth, and if Khabib really is retired for my money Dustin is the uncrowned champ!”

With his win over McGregor, Poirier is now on a two-fight win-streak, having also beaten Dan Hooker by decision in June, and is in prime position for a lightweight title fight. It remains to be seen who he’ll fight next, but it’s almost unfathomable that a belt won’t be on the line. And if the fight occurs on US soil, there’s a good chance Joe Rogan will be working the commentary desk.

Rogan has been working for the UFC since 1997. Initially, he served as a backstage interviewer for the promotion, but quickly moved into a color commentary role. He has worked for the promotion ever since, and has become as much a part of big UFC cards as the Octagon itself.


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Joe Rogan hails “uncrowned champ” Dustin Poirier

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After UFC 257 triumph, Dustin Poirier guarantees ‘I won’t be fighting Michael Chandler’ next

The easiest matchup to make after UFC 257 appeared to be Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler, after both emerged from Saturday’s pay-per-view event with impressive knockout victories.

But Poirier doesn’t believe they’re in the same category, and he’s not keen on fighting the former Bellator champ after stopping Conor McGregor in the pay-per-view headliner.

“I can guarantee I won’t be fighting Michael Chandler,” Poirier told reporters, including MMA Fighting, at the UFC 257 post-fight press conference. “They can do whatever they want with the division. I don’t really care. If something makes sense, then we’ll do it.”

UFC 257 was initially framed by UFC President Dana White as something of an audition for the top lightweights, with Poirier vs. McGregor and Chandler vs. Dan Hooker competing to impress current UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Chandler certainly did his part, stopping Hooker in the first round with a ferocious display of striking. But with Nurmagomedov looking less and less likely to reverse a decision to retire from the sport, Poirier thinks he should be considered the champ.

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Of course, Poirier doesn’t actually hold the belt. But he should be fighting for it very soon, and if the UFC is doing things the way he believes they should be done, he said, then the person standing across from him next will be someone who’s earned the opportunity.

“I’ve just been putting in work,” he said. “That’s why I’m sitting here feeling like I can talk about it, because I’ve been in the division and the UFC for a long time, fighting the best of the best of the best.

“No disrespect to [Chandler], he seems like a good husband, a good father, he speaks well, has a lot of respect, carries himself very well. It’s not a knock against him. It’s just my feelings toward the division and the sport. I lost to Khabib, I came out and put on a ‘Fight of the Year’ for you guys, got my hand raised against a top-five opponent after that. Then I come in there and Khabib doesn’t want to come back, then I knock out one of the biggest fights you can get. I knock this guy out, too.

“Khabib reiterates he doesn’t want to fight any more – dude, I’m the champ. I’m not going to fight, some – and like I said, respect to Chandler – a new guy to the UFC who just beat a guy that’s coming off a loss that I just beat for the belt. That’s not exciting to me.”

This past June, Poirier bested Hooker by decision to rebound after a loss to Nurmagomedov in a title-unifier. A candidate more appealing to him was Charles Oliveira, who’s won his past eight fights and most recently outpointed ex-interim champ Tony Ferguson in a commanding performance.

“I think he has more [of a case for the title shot],” Poirier said. “I’ve been watching that guy for 10 years in the UFC, two different weight He’s fought the best of the best, over and over again. And, he’s been knocked down and gotten up, and he’s proven what MMA and perseverance is. I respect that. Not that I don’t respect Michael Chandler. I just think there’s more work for him to do than beat a guy I just beat.”

Oliveira was one of two names broached for the title shot, the other being Justin Gaethje, who, like Poirier, lost a bid to unify the belts. Before that, however, Gaethje was stopped by “The Diamond” in a brutal bout.

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Asked whether Oliveira or Gaethje had a better claim to the title shot, Poirier chose the Brazilian.

“Just because he’s never had the opportunity,” Poirier said. “Gaethje just came out here and got beat, as I did. Not a knock on Gaethje, but he lost. I think Oliviera, probably, or let them fight to see who gets it.”

Poirier will ultimately see what the UFC has in store for him after getting some rest and relaxation. He put a huge feather in his cap by beating McGregor, the UFC’s biggest box office star and a former two-division champion. The next fight he takes has to be one he can justify as a veteran who’s earned his keep.

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