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I'm sure it would be a dumpster fire without the hot sauce.  If shit-stained undies were a person,  it'd look like her.

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Kirik -
Kings21 - 

The weirdest part of this is Kirik feeling the need to write about it and put at the top of his mma news.


We're all feeling a little cooped in, maybe some cabin fever, but geez, was there nothing else?


I do 10-15 blogs a day, and I saw that and it cracked me up, and figured other people might could use something light too. As far as placement, they go up as I do them, unless there is a hero story which there wasn't. Was at the top until I did the next one. Prob under an hour. Hero story all night was how awesome Dede's reponse to the epidemic is; got like one reply. This one will prob be the hot thread of the day.


Are you saying you’re the Colby Covington of MMA reporting?

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Shes brutal. Haha

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poor Kirik being reduced to posting garbage like this





But it's not a bad headline.

This coronavirus is bringing out the best in his headlines if not his writing abilities.

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I think hole #1 might not be snug enough for Travis' equipment.


They started the conversation, so they're fair game.

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I'mNotSurprisedMotherf**kers -

I think hole #1 might not be snug enough for Travis' equipment.


They started the conversation, so they're fair game.

Yikes.  I guess that’s the kinda trial you need in life to motivate you to fight for a living.  

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Not sure if I should lol or wretch

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Kirik -

With California and many other states sheltering in place, there is a widespread belief that there will be a big bump in births starting in about nine months.

In 2015, then UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was #3 for Google's top trending people; #4 was Donald Trump. Things have changed. Donald Trump is president, Ronda Rousey is a sometime professional wrestler, and the world faces a novel coronavirus global pandemic. Rousey is currently sheltering in place with her husband, retired UFC heavyweight Travis Browne.

The two are currently negotiating on their social network about how to wile away the hours.

Note, this is not known to lead to pregnancy.

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I'll watch their reality show

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I was going to eat curry for dinner, not anymore.

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She is disgusting inside and out and for some reason this is to be desirable? 

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low class trailer trash.
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I never thought I'd take a liking to Travis, but he just jumped a few rungs on the ladder. Nothing's changed with Ronda, but still wood. Even after copious amounts of hot sauce.

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Card -

Schaub, ever the uberdouche, has to be thanking God. 

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Catchy title

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I remember a time on the UG when a thread like this would be 10 pages deep by now. It's a sad sad day 

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I'm so happy I was eating dinner when I read this... 

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Why would they put that on the internet... So weird

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^lowest common denominator attention seeking behavior

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Mmmm... secret taco recipe...