UnderGround Forums Stipe wants to chat with Colby after remarks to

9/20/19 1:43 AM
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^looks staged

9/20/19 3:40 AM
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He wants to much money .. his fights are boring... he is too much really    ufc should send him to bellator . LiMA  would be tuff fight, and Colby looKS  s*** getting cut from the UFC and can't win a belt in Bellator

9/20/19 8:43 AM
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Jones right nostril - 


She is smoking hot, and Stipe looks like a giant teletubbie

Nice. Props to Stipe.

9/20/19 8:44 AM
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Malvert the Janitor - 






9/20/19 10:09 AM
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phatcat - 

I like Colby and a fan of his fights but he needs to chill the fuck out. Even when you play the heel there are boundaries and limits. As men we know this and it should be adhered to.

Does he "play the heel"? I mean, what's the fucking point of insulting the wife of a guy you'll never ever fight?

Promoting bouts and matchups, fine. Some guys need to antagonize and feel enmity coming their way from their rivals? OK, not all people are motivated the same way.

But Colby keeps doing stuff like that to fighters in totally different weight classes, wives, countries, even a guy like Hughes who is way past retired, etc. I used to like his trying too hard, but now it's like, just "cut that guy". I don't even recall wanting a fighter out of the UFC for his stupid behavior before.
9/20/19 10:59 AM
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Mayorga is the goat trash talker

This is boxing, you can't come and sing like a faggot, you bitch


I'm going to give Vargas the chance to cash his last paycheck. I would like to say publicly that Fatty Vargas has always feared me. I conceded to take this fight at 162 pounds because fatty couldn't lose any more weight. I will do Vargas a favor by retiring him in this fight so his family doesn't have to suffer every time he steps in the ring. I'm going to do his wife a favor and not let her cry anymore."

Vernon Forrest is scared. He has people talking for him. I do not think he wants to fight me again. He is going down. I am hungrier for this fight than I have ever been. I invite everybody to come out to see two great rounds of boxing."

I had a dream last night that I threw a rotten orange at Fernando Vargas and hit him in the chin. And he went down. And he didn't get back up. That's what is going to happen on September 8th.

In my country, women give birth to men. I will spank Forrest just like a man spanks a boy."

You better start injecting steroids again, cause you are going to need it against me

Spinks, I promise to reunite you to your dead mother

I'm going to detach his retina or stop his heart

I'm not going to lay down. You're going to lay your wife down to me

Not even Forrest's dog is going to recognize him when he goes home

I am upset because he did not call me for Father's Day. I am going to give him a whipping because I did not get my present

After I kill Vargas, I will volunteer to be the step-dad to Vargas kids after his death.

Tell Forrest whether he runs, stops or bends over, whatever he does, I will knock him out in two rounds

I will send you back to your wife Vargas looking the same way you do after every fight.

After I knock you out Oscar, I look forward to drinking the warm milk from your wife breast.

You are as fat as my 11 year old son ass

You remind me of an old lady that's past her prime that should be sitting home in a rocking chair doing nothing

I will knock out Forrest in two rounds whether I have a cigarette or not. I know a lot of people want to see me fight more rounds. So, if HBO wants, they can pick two sparring partners for me to fight after I knock out Forrest. That way, the audience can see me fight 12 rounds

When we were doing the HBO shoot, I remember him saying that he was going to take the belt away from me,...I go, 'The only way you're going to take this belt away from me is if you let me have your wife for a night and I'll let you have the belt for a hour.

Spinks, you are a faggot, I want to sew a pair of nuts on you so you can stand and fight in front of me next time like a man.

Agreed. I remember when he kept calling Oscar a faggot over and over. 

9/21/19 8:33 AM
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This confrontation will be like when Paulie maglinianni or whatever the fuck his name is got checked by Rumble 

9/21/19 9:58 AM
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Please Lord, let someone record it ????????