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Okay, then: 2020 continues to be Feast or Famine for WMMA fans. This week's UFC 253 card features ONLY ONE WMMA FIGHT!

Thank goodness, though, that it's on the Main Card, so you get ONE CHICK FIGHT INCLUDED WHEN YOU SHELL OUT $65 (or whatever the price is when you combine your PPV buy with your ESPN+ cost)!

  • #7 Ketlen Vieira vs. #13 Sijara Eubanks. "Sarge" makes a quick turnaround this week after absolutely destroying #15 Julia Avila in a 29-27 X 3 UD thriller less than 2 weeks ago! In 15 minutes of Chick-on-Chick violence, Sijara managed to land 53 significant strikes. That's like 3 strikes per minute! Hey, I'm not squeamish about violence, but whoa, dial back the brutality please, Sarge! And Vieira is no stranger to violence, of course: She got crushed in her most recent fight, a first round KO loss. Ketlen is probably hoping for yet another split decision win this week to go with the 2 she already has in UFC. 

Quick notes:

  • Sijara just signed a new UFC contract, saying she's making "almost twice" what she was previously paid. Her last reported pay: 33/33 show/win. 
  • In a combined 11 UFC fights, these 2 gals have a total of one post-fight bonus.
  • Under "Championships and Accomplishments," Wikipedia says the only thing notable about Vieira is that she won the "Mr. Cage Bantamweight Championship." Who knew!?!
  • Vieira is a -190 favorite in this fight, with Eubanks at +165. "Fight goes to decision" is favored at -300. "Eubanks wins inside the distance" might be a tasty underdog play at +500.... ha ha j/k.....
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Yessssssssssssssssss! Another pair of chicks headline a UFC card this week!!!

And Yesssssssssss! There are 2 chick fights on the Main Card and a Tasty Teaser in the prelims!!!

What a bummer that the Nicco Montano fight got scrubbed after Fan Favorite Nicco got injured and had to pull out of yet another fight. We could have had 4 Gal Fights, but hey, 3 out of 11 fights feature chicks? I doubt many WMMA fans are going to complain about that!

  • Holm vs. Aldana: Holly is 3-5 since she demolished Rousey. Believe it or not, she lands 35% of her strikes. Yeah, I know, I had a hard time believing she landed so many. Aldana absorbs 6 strikes per minute. Could this be the rare Holm fight where we see strikes landed?
  • Germaine de Randamie vs. Juliana Pena: Not going to lie, I think Juliana is fine as fuck. Just my opinion of course, and you can blow me if you disagree (kidding, that would be gay as hell).  I expect Juliana to win this by either finish or 30-24 score. Pena has won 66% of her fights by stoppage and de Randamie has been finished in 2 of her 4 losses (and has only finished 44% of her wins, so it just goes to show you that you can look like a dude and not hit like a dude, I guess).
  • Lookboonmee vs. Frey: Neither of these chicks finishes more than 25% of her fights. All I can tell you is that Frey is the vastly superior fighter in terms of looks. Root for her. I will.