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6/27/14 7:25 PM
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Too bad most of these are down now Phone Post 3.0

6/28/14 2:27 AM
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caposa - Too bad most of these are down now Phone Post 3.0

Why are they down?



6/28/14 3:31 AM
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Briscoe -

Politics aside, if true then this is messed up and really needs to be addressed. Most people  will simply not come to a website where security isn't at least acknowledged when someone publicly claims they have been hacked. 

Lol at new people coming to this site....

6/28/14 3:48 AM
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Mma rulz Phone Post 3.0

6/28/14 4:11 AM
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MRG1 -
caposa - 
mommatheregoesthatman - anderson vs roan carneiro

roan is in andersons guard , anderson has body triangle , anderson takes his left leg , which is closing the triangle , and hooks it inside carneiro's right leg , sweeps him and pounds him out .

Gsp's pendelum sweep vs pete spratt


for some reason i feel like we dont see great technique like this anymore in mma, if so, its very rare. 

btw VTFU caposa.

Yeah I never thought about it but I don't remember seeing a great out of the ordinary transition or sub in a while. Could just be that the fighters are better prepared and skilled now but I miss those great techniques. Phone Post 3.0
6/28/14 4:14 AM
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Finishes from Vik Grujic and Dan Hookers fight on the NZ card? Phone Post 3.0

6/28/14 5:09 AM
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caposa - Too bad most of these are down now Phone Post 3.0
Rip gif, thx CPA Phone Post 3.0
6/28/14 7:54 PM
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Still illegal to gif recent events?
I still haven't seen Nelson ko Nog yet. Can someone come with it? Phone Post 3.0

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. Phone Post 3.0

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WTF? This thread is showing up as the third most recent thread on the UG?

Is this Throwback Saturday?