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Ladies and gents, TUF US v UK will shortly be upon us and its been quite clear the last few weeks that most people on the UG are either expecting or hoping that the US sweep the board, expose UK MMA as being under-developed, and revel smugly as you watch Hendo put Bisping back in his place.

That's fine, its to be expected, most of the UG is American afterall. You can't put your superiority complex aside for long enough to think any different.

This thread is for all the UK UGers and other enlightened posters who want to express their support for Bisping and Team UK as the season progresses. There's more satisfaction in being the underdog and quite frankly, its going to be a lot of fun as we have every faith that they can exceed your clearly low expectations.

Threads like 'Does anyone actually think Bisping can beat Henderson?' show that alot of people obviously think this season is a forgone conclusion. It shows your nationalistic bias prevents you from seeing that Bisping is on the march up the MW ranks, hopefully towards a title shot...

And I'm pretty sure you're already assuming Team UK are going to get their arses kicked. Its going to be so satisfying watching them prove you wrong.

Bring on the banter...


Dean Amarasinghe (4-1)
David Faulkner (2-1)
Nicholas Osipczak (3-0)


Jeff Lawson (13-2)
Martin Stapleton (5-1)
Andre Winner (9-2-1) Lightweight Runner-Up


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explodingboy (Bisping) V thetrollsmasher (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet for 90 days.
UKFIGHTERUK (Bisping) V teamquestfan (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet plus 'loser buys a blue'. 
aldegas (Bisping) V Zwingli (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet plus 'loser buys a blue'.
RedDragonUK (Bisping) V Evil Master (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet.
Macman1000 (Bisping) V Lilbrockonmychest (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet.
Krieger Von Gott (Bisping) V HawaiianBomber (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet.
WatchinMMA (Bisping) V Skarola#1Fan (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet.
Heartbroken Lee (Bisping) V Ah YeAh (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet.
ghengiseanie (Bisping) V Hendo4life (Henderson) - This is a screen-name bet plus 'loser buys a blue'.

Bets will be for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

aldegas is to be known as America'sBITCH(ping) for 30 days and owes Zwingli a 6 month blue name.
explodingboy is to be known as HendosToyinExpldngBoy for 90 days.
ghengiseanie is to be known as HendoIsMyDaddy for 30 days and owes Hendo4life a 6 month blue name.
UKFIGHTERUK is to be known as UKFAGGOTUK (pending allowance) for 30 days and owes teamquestfan a 6 month blue name.
Heartbroken Lee is to be known as Sir SuxAlotOfCock (pending allowance) for 30 days.
Macman1000 is to be known as GodSavetheBisqueen1000 for 30 days.

3/25/09 6:19 PM
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 God wont save the queen ( Bisping ) again . Bring the pain !
3/25/09 6:20 PM
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i think henderson beats bisping 8/10 times.

I must be a biased, fat, condescending American with a superiority complex that hates Brits!
3/25/09 6:24 PM
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RIP Bisbing.

3/25/09 6:24 PM
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UKFIGHTERUK - Nicely done mate! Im not sure if this message will post as ive been banned for a few days.

I can't believe they banned you mate! Truly is a conspiracy.
3/25/09 6:26 PM
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KriegerVonGott - The Count will show you why he's a lot more than the face of UK MMA.

Bring it, kids.

 orely ?
3/25/09 6:27 PM
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I'm not Americain... and if i was basing it off nationalistic sentiments, i would end up picking Bisping
But in reality, i just can't see him possibly winning
3/25/09 6:30 PM
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we literally have counties in the usa with more mma talent than all of europe put together
3/25/09 6:52 PM
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Holier-than-thou, much? Maybe the reason it's expected that the USA sweeps that show is because there's no reason to think any different. American fighters have met with far more success in MMA, and there is no debating that there is a deeper talent pool there. The fact that you think an "enlightened" poster must come out in favour of the UK in this competition is only to put your own smugly superior spin on nationalism. "Oh, look, the UK is so much more level-headed and less mindlessly patriotic than the damn Americans. British fans are so smart and enlightened: Go UK!! USA sucks!!".

Seriously, this season is on par with a Canada vs. Brazil: no-one in their right mind would be saying Canada's going to kick ass there. The only difference is that a few Canadian fighters have actually fought for and won sigificant titles in the sport. If anyone's lacking an enlightened and rational view of this, it's the British fan who expects upsets across the board.
3/25/09 6:54 PM
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jacktripper - we literally have counties in the usa with more mma talent than all of europe put together

EXACTLY what I'm talking about!
3/25/09 7:09 PM
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Yanks will get banged out standing by the vastly superior British standup fighters.
3/25/09 7:10 PM
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 Bisping is now sponsored by Ecko Unltd....Best of luck to Bisping and his team!
3/25/09 8:08 PM
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explodingboy - 
jacktripper - we literally have counties in the usa with more mma talent than all of europe put together

EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

the truth?
3/25/09 8:13 PM
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the brits will destroy the yanks no doubt..the yanks team are aload of wrasslers z level at best..the brit team consists of sum tough as nails strikers....uk team to do serious damage in this show!!!!
3/25/09 8:14 PM
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p.s my mate ross is fighting in the show..he looks good in the preview smashin in knees and dropping sum yank..oh yeah!
3/25/09 8:36 PM
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CRE - lol @ CRE as a team Henderson rep Bisping is going to flush him down the toilet, finishing what Franklin started in round 3. no thanks

Okay, no problem. Actually CRE is an example to other Americans who think Bisping will win who might feel pressured to keep quiet. Don't be afraid people, its okay to speak up, you don't have to be a sheep like all the rest. I know there's more of you...

I'm sure UKFIGHTER's offer still stands if anyone else has the belief in Hendo and wants to step up to the challenge. He might not be a blue-name but UKFIGHTER is a well known and revered poster and I'm sure there's someone with the guts to step up and have the possibility of changing his name. Same applies for anyone who wants to make a bet, I'll add you to the top post.

Also, welcome onboard Ken Lee, Ecky, LMFAO and Krieger. Keep up the good work.
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British Bulldog 2nd -
3/25/09 8:40 PM
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Just to say guys, we want to be careful with potential spoilers. Don't want any excuse for them to delete the thread.

RedDragonUK is the man.
3/25/09 8:40 PM
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no way any UK guys win on that show

they don't have the wrestling skills to compete
3/25/09 8:43 PM
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Yeah because all the champions right now are wrestlers, oh wait.
3/25/09 9:42 PM
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16 by the looks.

And I hope Bisping puts Hendo out to pasture for you CRE.
3/25/09 9:53 PM
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All UK fighters via decapitation.

You yanks are soft as hell.
3/25/09 10:05 PM
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I cant wait to change your name when I lose the 57 American Dollars I bet on Bisping @ +300. My god it will so embarassing your mates will laugh you right off the bloody island