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3/25/09 10:53 PM
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Bisping bandwaggoner signing in here.Really think the British Armada can pull the beard of the US and get away with an easy win in this years TUF

then Bisping to make an embarassing wreck of Hendo.

gotta love the BJJ and Wrestling lovers in this place, dont forget, Bisping CANT be submitted and 99% of British fighters are WARRIORS on their local home town streets and will have no problem knocking the fuck out of the US contingent.


3/25/09 11:02 PM
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i doubt cre would take a sn bet with a mudname
3/26/09 7:10 AM
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Its going to be good.
3/26/09 7:16 AM
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this is goin to be sweeet!!!
3/26/09 7:33 AM
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right, it doesnt start til April 2nd on Setanta over here in the UK, when is it on in US??

if its earlier, we need to keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum on here please
3/26/09 7:39 AM
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lol, just seen in that trailer, April 1st over there, right well i'll stay away for 24 hours from when u see it
3/26/09 12:22 PM
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There's a bit of confusion about when it airs in the UK. Apparently it might be longer than the next day after the US airing. I will endeavour to get to the bottom of it.
3/26/09 1:22 PM
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 Apparently it will be shown on Virgin 1 on the 5th.  Not sure if Setanta are also going to show it before that.
3/26/09 3:29 PM
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this bandwagon is a sad bunch
3/26/09 3:43 PM
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thetrollsmasher - this bandwagon is a sad bunch

Shouldn't you be getting back to getting owned by Cindy O?
3/26/09 4:28 PM
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setanta is claiming its on april 2nd, taken from setanta.com

"Series nine of “The Ultimate Fighter” promises to be like none of the eight that have gone before…and now the fighters have been identified.

Click here for details of how to get Setanta Sports on Satellite, Freeview or Broadband for full coverage of "TUF 9" from April 2.

Led by Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson, two of the top middleweights in MMA today, “TUF 9” will be a battle for national pride as US takes on UK.

16 lightweights and 16 welterweights will do battle for their countries…and of course that huge $100,000 UFC contract.

Beginning in April, the first two episodes will see 32 become 16 as the fighters battle for the right to enter the Ultimate Fighter house, before the real war commences.

All of this was known before…but now we can identify the fighters… "
3/26/09 5:08 PM
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Well I hope so because it would be a pain in the arse having to wait four days after the US just to watch it. I suppose the best way of knowing for sure is wait and see where it turns up on the sky guide.

By the way, Bisping was on Ultimate Talk earlier tonight. He had a few interesting things to say:

>He needs to stay away from Hendo's right hand and stay out of the clinch, if he does this then Hendo can't live with his stand-up. He plans on winning every minute of every round.

>He said Maia would be an interesting fight down the line, he doesn't think Maia could get him to the ground and so feels he would knock him out.

>He said it would be a massive honour to fight Anderson, and if he beats Hendo, that seems to be on the cards.

>He said he prefers a good old English breakfast over a dirty greasy American hamburger. Can't blame him.

Can't disagree with any of that really.
3/26/09 5:48 PM
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3/26/09 5:58 PM
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lol @ national express, awesome.

nice to see him commenting on the Maia prospect, STRAIGH FROM THE UG YO!!!!
3/26/09 7:05 PM
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Bad news chaps, looks like the reports are correct and TUF airs on fucking Sunday nights on Virgin One. At least it its not in the sky guide after Fight Night is replayed on Setanta next Thursday evening so I'm assuming that is the case.

Fucking rubbish really. I fail to see why they can't air it the next night. Twats. Anyway, I don't know what you all want to do, either:

>Stay off the internet for four days each week and watch it unaware of what happens

>Carry on posting as usual but watch the show knowing what happens

>Download the show from somewhere and watch it shortly after the US

I'll probably choose the second option. Retards at Virgin. Hopefully they sort themselves out.

Anyway, damn right the Yankees know whats coming... I thought they were at least good at running their mouths?
3/26/09 7:26 PM
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source for this virgin one bullshit? i thought setanta had all rights to ufc?
3/26/09 7:28 PM
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Dont get your crumpets in a bunch, just watch it online
3/26/09 7:31 PM
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 they should have left TUF on Bravo, apparently the ratings for TUF on Setanta last season were horrible.
3/26/09 9:03 PM
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KurtC - source for this virgin one bullshit? i thought setanta had all rights to ufc?


Annoying. Kind of a lame reason too, why not let Setanta have the first airing the next night and let Virgin show the repeat when they want. The show would still be seen by more people, plus those who want to see it asap can.

Anyway, whatever. KenLee is a good man and I'll be in touch.

This is only the beginning of the bandwagon my friends. As things roll along more will join, Team UK will prove the Yanks wrong and things will come to a head in July and we can all rejoice as Bisping puts Hendo out to pasture. It's going to be a thing of beauty.
3/26/09 9:09 PM
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 Bisping nutrider from America checking in, decision Dan better TRY to take this fight to the ground early or he might find himself going to the same face doctor as Leben!
3/26/09 9:17 PM
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macman1000 -  Bisping nutrider from America checking in, decision Dan better TRY to take this fight to the ground early or he might find himself going to the same face doctor as Leben!

Macman! Great to have you onboard. This, ladies and gentlemen, is another American with the courage and bravery to speak up and publicly support Bisping. He too is an example to you all and is held in high regard here on the bandwagon.
Edited: 3/26/09 9:47 PM
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You know it man,  i have to call it like i see it and i can bring up posts of mine from other sites where as soon as Bisping moved to MW i said he would be the man to take Silva's belt. It's fun watching it play out that way too! 

ps. Get that DR's number from Leben, Dan!!!!!!
Edited: 3/26/09 10:12 PM
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Check out all the shit talking on this thread. Henderson will bully Bisping around the ring and take him down whenever he wants, will stand with him whenever he wants, and will completely control the fight and where it goes. I definitely think Henderson will dominate and possibly make Bisping his first TKO victory in the U.F.C.. Let's not forget something, the level of Michael Bisping's competition in no way suggests that he will beat Dan Henderson, who has fought only the best since entering U.F.C..And I will bet my mudname against you or anyone chap!

Hell, I'll even bet a bluename membership!
3/27/09 2:00 AM
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Judging by my sn you probably already know who I will be rooting for June 20th. Henderson will flat out OWN Bisbing with takedowns and far superior skills on the ground. That is a fact. Bisbing might be younger and faster but his skills just aren't close to Dan Henderson. Henderson is an icon in this sport who has beat tons of top talent here and in Japan. To think that Bisbing even deserves to be in the same ring as Dan Henderson is IMO a insult.

Yours truly,
Dan Henderson nuthugger for life!!!!
3/27/09 4:21 AM
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UKFIGHTER, we have a challenger in the shape of teamquestfan. Is he worthy of a rare mud v mud screen-name bet against yourself? What do you think? He's even prepared to up the stakes.

Hendo4life, seems you're just another person who can't see the wood for the trees. Stick around and we'll have fun proving you wrong.

Irishfighter110, welcome onboard. Keep on cheering Team UK, you can still be on the bandwagon.